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    I just notice that the Igloo lunch bag I use is starting to fray and will probably need to be replaced soon and thought I'd throw out the idea that TB create a lunch bag. The one I use is simple beyond belief. It's just one main rectangle shaped compartment with a small outside flap for utensils. I like it because it handles some square Tupperware that reuse and still has room on the side and on top for more. The main feature for me is enough space to fit whatever reusable plastic container (Glad, Tupperware, ...) that I have in my pantry at the time. This is why a big main compartment with no frills works best for me. I have used a bigger bag in the past and even used a cooler but I didn't like all the bulk so I try to go as small as possible.

    I think this might be tough to make though because the lunch bags take a horrible beating. But the market for them should be good. Not only can you sell to people who bring lunch to work but I would assume it could sell to kids too.

    Just a thought.
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    i would love to see a lunch bag! ideally, something that can piggyback on an existing bag, like the buzz or the coming ristretto. maybe it could attach via the hooks?

    come to think of it, is there any reason i couldn't use the clear packing cube with an added hook as a lunch bag?

    different people carry different things. i'd like to be able to take a large apple, a banana, a couple of clementines, a yogurt, some sort of tupperwear container and utensils.



      I second Maverick about the packing cube idea, a lunch box made of Dynema will be awsome!

      I also think that it need to be tought just has pretzelb said.

      I would love something like an elongated Kit (tought) or a Clear Yarn Stuff Sack with a #8 YKK "splash-proof" coil zipper instead of a drawstring(easy to clean).

      If an elongated Kit in tough ballistic nylon with a Dynema and/or clear vinyl lining could be made that would be awsome. Something the size of the convertible packing cube but with the zippers on the

      I also have a reusable lunch box but it also has started to fray, the handle is attached to the lid which "closes" with velcro and has nothing to attach to a bag. I have to use the lunch box inside a purse because the bad closure.


        Reuseable bags

        The Reuseable bags site has a good selection of eco friendly lunch bags, insulated bags, bottles and even reusable sandwich wrappings.

        Off topic: The Sigg bottles and Lunch boxes there are very nice, I use them since they are hard sided and my stuff never gets mangled in the bag.