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Color conundrum

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    Color conundrum

    I obsessively love black Halcyon in every bag, especially if it has Iberian interior. I by chance bought an A30 in original halycon/ UV and it turns out I really love that combination. I didn't think I would as all pictures of the original Halcyon make me want to have a seizure. Now I can't decided between the two. I also love the island interior. I can't buy all the bags in both colors. How do you decide?

    Here are a few questions that might help.

    Do all your bags have to match?
    Does the color make you smile?
    Does the color combination make you swoon?
    If you like more than one color, have you considered getting the bag in one color and accessories in other colors?

    Good luck! elisa


      First, I think you need a couple of therapy sessions! But I'll stick my neck out and say get Island!!
      Go Navy


        I too like black halcyon as my favorite, but when my choice of bags to order did not have my favorite interior color (wasabi) to match and the original halcyon did, I chose that.

        ***ONLY after looking at TONS of pictures on google, TB, even ebay. I too was worried that it might give me headaches looking at the pattern! It took me a good couple of weeks of just looking at photos of the bag in use in many natural settings to come to the conclusion that the Original Halcyon was pretty darn cool. When I received it, seeing it in person it looked even better! So I bought the Original Halcyon as a second choice in the NFTD and the SA, and love them both.

        So I would suggest giving yourself plenty of time to look at a LOT of photos, anywhere you can find them and by then I am sure you will come up with a favorite!


          Honestly, if you can't stop staring at a particular color combination, the best thing to do sometimes is get it so you can see it up close.

          Example: In general, my preferred color combination is Black/Iberian. When Original Halcyon came out, I naturally got a bag with Iberian as the interior, and I was unsurprised that I like it very much. However, when Black Halcyon came out, I discovered that I much prefer a different lining color (Northwest Sky). I can't say there's any logical reason behind this, and it's quite possible that I'd be perfectly happy with Black Halcyon/Iberian if I had never seen Black Halcyon/NWS. The point is that I wouldn't have known that I actually like Black Halcyon/NWS the best if I hadn't seen and handled it in person.

          I'm really not trying to enable, but plenty of people here have multiple bags in different colors. If you use a certain bag a lot, it can be nice to have a different color to change things up, even if it's only the interior fabric. There does come a point, however, when you become a bit immune to every new color combination that comes out. This is not to say you won't like it/admire it/ever wish you could have it, but then you turn to your own bags and realize that you actually really love what you already have. When a color comes out that utterly captivates you, then you really know it's time to pounce.

          And to reiterate what Elisa said: you can get your new color fix by buying accessories, an indulgence that is much easier to justify. Island looks great with both Iberian and UV.


            Originally posted by Badger View Post
            When a color comes out that utterly captivates you, then you really know it's time to pounce.
            Wise words, indeed! elisa


              So to answer a few questions, yes I like all my bags to match if I am carrying them at the same time. I'm alttile OCD like that. Or they have complement each other. Like a black bag goes with anything but I wouldn't put say a green and orange together. Both make me smile, though I think the original halycon (with the UV) makes me grin so maybe I should go that direction. I ordered with black Halcyon/UV in one bag just to see and found it didn't like it as much as the original/UV so I will send it back. I have been buying different colored accessories, this is how I found out I like the Iberian, UV and island,... NWS if none are available and defiantly not wasabi. I do like solar and am on the fence with Sikta as I haven't seen it in person. I liked the fjord as well.


                So for the pictures: Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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ID:	301438 and then the NFTD in black Halcyon/iberian


                    Honestly, it's no contest for me: Original Halcyon. Black Halcyon is just too boring. I don't want to look like an office drone carrying around a work-issued bag.


                      Island and UV: ahhhh, so lovely!

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Originally posted by ultravisitor View Post
                        Honestly, it's no contest for me: Original Halcyon. Black Halcyon is just too boring. I don't want to look like an office drone carrying around a work-issued bag.
                        @ultravisitor, I like both versions of Halcyon, though I've found that I prefer to use my Original Black Halcyon Side Effects over the new Dark Grid Black Halcyon Side Effect. It's that subtle pin striping "Ninja in a business suit" (to quote @ceepee) underlying grid that can make this a "Wow", especially when seen against brightly colored accessories, as in the case of the Daylight Briefcase. So I have one of the new Smart Alecs in the new Black Halcyon/Island configuration, while my Aeronaut 30 is the original Halcyon/Island combo that @maverick recently showed in his To Boston with the Aeronaut 30 and Co-Pilot thread:

                        (BTW, I also have exactly the same model of Steel Ballistic/Solar Co-Pilot that @maverick carries; it's an early Portable Culture release, and also has a reddish brown Ultrasuede lining for the left front pocket that has a luxurious feel. Sad that the recent Co-Pilots now use Halcyon for these pockets).

                        I think that the original Nordic Halcyon (Western Flyer, Synapse 19, Swift, and Side Effect) is one of my favorite 400d combinations, although I've also grown fonder of the original Steel Halcyon (Synapse 25, Side Effect, Co-Pilot, and Packing Cube Shoulder Bags and Shop Bags in all of the 400d Halcyon options -- new and old) as time goes on. Each of these has a different, special quality.