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*INSIDER INFO w/Photo - My Musings on new things coming from TB

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    *INSIDER INFO w/Photo - My Musings on new things coming from TB

    Oh boy! Are we TB fans in for a treat.

    I'd love to shine some light on what's in store, but I best not say too much.

    I will say, I LOVE the new bags. "New" as in - not officially announced yet. One was called the Muse. Now, maybe, it's called something else. Is that too much information?

    You may be asking yourself. "What? How does this guy know anything about new bags?" Well... I'm the guy who makes all the films for TB. I'm also a looooooong time fan of TB bags. You could say I'm obsessed with them.

    Anyhow, I just finished filming the video for The L-- oops, I almost gave away the new name.

    Later in the week I'm filming another new bag video. Working hard to get it all done in time. In time for what? Oh, you'll see.

    Questions? Ask below.

    Oh, almost forgot to post the photo with the new bag in it. Here you go:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TomBihnCloseUp_New_Bag_Called.JPG
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      Oh so cruel!!!


        YOU RASCAL


          Tease! Just tell us the day we will know?
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            Soon-ish. 🤗


              This is a knew level of teasing, what a treat

              Maybe tell is if and which bag you might replace with one of the knew ones?

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                Love the look of the new bag... if I could SEE it!


                  Soooo, it's a reusable garbage bag?


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                      Some sort of security device to protect people who go jogging down dark paths in deserted parks?
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                        I can say I was SHOCKED at how much was being replaced. 😱



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                            What a nice surprise.

                            Darcy just sent me a little surprise to put in one of the videos. It's so cute! I can't look at it without smiling. I'm definitely going to want one in every color, I mean every color - and probably 3 in my favorite color!

                            I may end up putting it in the video for another new TB bag that I'm shooting tomorrow. I think this bag is also going to be quite popular. I like this bag both ways. Using this bag is like going on an adventure without buying a ticket!

                            If anyone wants any hints about the bags, feel free to ask.


                              Okay I'm asking! And is the two way a shoulder bag/backpack?