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Grippy back side for Empire Builder?

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    Grippy back side for Empire Builder?


    I have the Empire Builder and Absolute Shoulder Strap. Do you think a grippy material on the back of the bag might make it feel a little lighter? (if it grips to clothes & body, might it take some pressure off the shoulder/back?)

    This is the first time using a messenger/shoulder bag style bag, and when fully packed, it is a little heavy. I thought it would be cool to try a different style, but I might just buy another backpack. Thought I was tougher than I actually am.

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    Interesting idea!

    Do you need a bag the size of the Empire Builder to carry everything you need?

    Tom is always thinking of ways to make bags lighter. For example: the new Smart Alec will be lined with Dyneema fabric instead of Cordura. (The Dyneema is lighter.)
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      Thanks for the reply!!

      Yup, I do need an Empire Builder-sized bag for everything. I have a 17" laptop...otherwise, I might have gone with the Zephyr or ID. However, I do tend to carry a lot of stuff, depending on my schedule for the day.

      Here is what I carry in my Empire Builder:

      17" laptop & Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell (the Steel color is beautiful, by the way) & charger
      2 marble notebooks
      2" thick textbook
      Wallet for IDs, membership cards, etc.; coin purse for coins; coin purse for small bills
      Cell phone charger
      Index cards
      Pens & pencils
      Water bottle

      The Horizontal Freudian Slip with:
      Mini Sharpies
      Extra pencil lead
      Spare contacts
      Scientific calculator
      White out
      Scotch tape
      Post it tags
      5 manila folders with each classes' work/handouts/etc.

      The Medium Padded Organizer Pouch with:
      iKleen wipes
      Laptop remote
      DVI converter
      iPod microphone
      iPod USB cable

      Small Clear Organizer Pouch:
      Leatherman Juice
      Mini lighter
      Mini stapler
      Pillbox for Tylenol
      More spare contacts
      More spare lead for pencil

      Small Clear Organizer Pouch:
      Listerine spray

      & I clip my keys to the Absolute Shoulder Strap, along with my sunglasses case (it has velcro straps to go over a belt/strap/etc.)

      I love the Empire Builder's size and storage capacity & how everything has its place in the bag. ...and its style! and of course its high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Every seam is put together perfectly!!

      So I would love to continue using the EB...maybe I just have to get stronger, or else give it to my brother & go back to a backpack.

      On days I don't need my laptop, I carry the Medium Cafe Bag with the pens/pencils, manila folders, calculator, water bottle, small organizer pouches, keys, wallets, sunglasses and text book.


        Wow!! That is a lot of gear.
        Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.