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Want small travel day bag/purse, can't decide!

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    Originally posted by moriond View Post
    Hi @grellowgal,

    The start of the thread that @bermudajes linked to, which is titled The Side Kick a dream come true, also has comparison pictures of the relative sizes of the Side Kick, the Side Effect, and the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag (PCSB) -- which @bchaplin included in her suggestions.

    You're correct that they currently don't have the PCSB in the new Black or Nordic Halcyon. To see pictures of the PCSB worn, take a look at @anna2222's pictures in the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag Strap Hack thread. That thread also contains my posted comment and link about using the 1" Shoulder Strap for the Side Kick with the PCSB or the Side Effect. This is my personal preference for the shoulder carrying the Side Effect in place of the default 5/8" wide strap.


    Thank you so much @moriond! Great info! I totally ordered a 1" strap for the SE. [emoji175]


      Originally posted by Dulcimergal View Post
      I have one of these: Itechzhu Sports Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Double Wall Wide Mouth Leak Proof BPA-Free 12 OZ that I use with my black halcyon/ultraviolet Sidekick. It fits just fine and so far I have not noticed any leakage. I carry .75 liter Camelbak Chutes at work and in the car, but the Itechzhu is a handy companion to my EDC.

      Originally posted by teresapoet View Post
      I sometimes carry a 12 oz Hydro Flask bottle with flex cap upright in my Halcyon Side Kick. As long as the bag isn't packed too fully, it fits well.
      Oooooh thanks for this info! I was at Target when I saw the responses and picked up this little 12 oz double walled bottle! Awesome!


        If still wanting a zippered main compartment in the SCB, I have found that a Deluxe Spiff Kit is almost a perfect zippered insert for the SCB, perhaps giving people the 'option' of a zippered SCB for more security.

        As the zipper for the Spiff Kits go all the way around 3 of the four sides, the opening can be made to match the top of the SCB opening (which is the side of the Spiff Kit). The fact that there are 2 zipper tabs makes it even more flexible for zipping and unzipping. If wanting to make sure someone does not try to pull the Spiff Kit out of the cafe bag, you can wrap a key strap around the handles and attach the strap ends to one of the side O-Rings.

        Additional bonuses include you now having 2 mesh pockets (from the Spiff Kit) for organization (not the best orientation but workable)

        As for a water bottle, I have seen people use some Carabiners to hook their Waterbottle their Cafe bag.

        Hope this Helps
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          A 3D Cube, in the east/west orientation, fits perfectly into the SCB main compartment, it allows items to be secured and leaves space for a small water bottle and other things. I think that a second 3D Cube could fit in the north/south orientation to help keep the bottle upright.

          Both 3D Cubes can be secured to the main compartment side O-rings with Key Straps or Double Carabiners.


            I have a ballistic SK since they debuted, and it has softened with daily use, but still more rigid than halcyon for sure (I actually like that.) If the water bottle issue is important, have you looked at the co-pilot? Great pocket for a bottle there. Good luck!


              Just wanted to give you some information to add to the great replies. I have a SK in aubergine/island and I love it! I used it as a day bag walking around Glasgow and it was perfect. All the organization in the bag meant no extra bags inside so I had plenty of room for my hat and gloves when I did not need them. Carrying the water bottle was a pain and I had carbiners with me. Duh! I could have put it on the bag. I shorten the straps and use it more as a shoulder bag than cross body but it would work that way too.
              I also used it as my airplane bag and it was nice and compact so I could stretch my legs out under the seat.
              Overall I highly recommend the SK. I am even going to use it on my next trip to the Grand Canyon in October.


                Originally posted by luvdabags View Post
                I have a ballistic SK since they debuted, and it has softened with daily use, but still more rigid than halcyon for sure (I actually like that.) If the water bottle issue is important, have you looked at the co-pilot? Great pocket for a bottle there. Good luck!
                My husband and I did look at the copilot, but I'm trying to stay small and light and it was just more than I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion!


                  I prefer to travel with the SCB or even MCB because of being able to carry a water bottle more easily. If I am somewhere where i feel a little less secure, i orient it to the front, the same as I would my SK or SE. I keep the valuables inside of a OP clipped in the zippered pocket so it would be hard to lift out. The SK and SE really do better for me at home where I don't have to tote water bottles or maps. It is nice to not have to zip something every time I use it, which i often forget in the SK and SE. Looking forward to seeing the new fabrics in my new MCB and Lumina today!!!
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                    Having had all of the above - Small Cafe Bag, Side Kick, Side Effect, Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - I decided to chime in. While I like all of them, my preference (most surprisingly) is for the diminutive Side Effect. In it I can carry an impressive amount of things, including my phone (a Galaxy S3 here but I sometimes use a much larger LG G 5), a pen and notes, a charger, keys, wallet, cash, a snack, even a small monocular (I'm an avid birdwatcher), and yes, a water bottle (the 12 oz Nalgene is in the bottom). The water bottle has been a particular challenge for many, but here's some solutions I've found for the Side Effect that may be of help: the Nalgene 12 oz, REI's 8oz flask, and the Kleen Kanteen baby bottle with a "standard cap" to replace the baby cap. At first the flask's 8oz seemed like inadequate at first, until I realized I really never am that far away from a water source. (If I'm out hiking all day then a more proper backpack with a large bottle, etc. is more in order.) The best part of the Side Effect is how it fits in nicely in the Synapse's "water bottle"
                    middle pocket.

                    From my experiences I've also found Halcyon to be the preferred choice for all of these smaller bags, as its flexibility allows for more packing options. For example, I sometimes also pack a Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack for unexpected carrying loads that's tiny and fits in the Side Effect with all of those things easily.
                    Click image for larger version

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                      Yes, that's my bag on the metro. Pretty close on the color, I really like it.

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                        The baby bottle with lid idea is really clever! I usually carry the 12 oz, but the baby size is a terrific idea.