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10.5 inch iPad Pro in Small Cafe Bag

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    10.5 inch iPad Pro in Small Cafe Bag

    I am a recent Tom Bihn client. I got my Pilot a few months back and I love it! I have been looking for a ‘modern’ medical bag that can fit the traditional tools of my trade plus a few extra modern tools (i.e. iPad Pro, iPhones, mobile WiFi, etc.). The bag is pretty hefty but manageable.

    However, I am thinking of splitting up my load and I’m looking at messenger bags, particularly the SCB and MCB.

    My request/question is: does anybody have a photo or any experience with the 10.5 inch iPad Pro in a SCB? How tight are things inside? I am considering getting a FS with the SCB.



    I just got a 10.5" Pro, and tried it out in a Small Café Bag. I don't have a picture, but it fits well.

    Note that I carry the iPad in a heavy duty Otter Box case, which increases the size considerably (but gives me the ability to just throw the iPad in any bag I want with no worries, and saves me from my clumsy self).

    With my case, the iPad does pull the bag to the sides, making it less deep. There is still room for a notebook and/or even a small folding keyboard, but if you have a water bottle or very thick glasses case, it might be too much.

    I experimented, and can fit a small Freudian Slip i (with pens, charger, cables, notebook and iPhone) n the bag.
    I could also get a (rather thick) Logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard in the bag with the iPad (but with not much room for other stuff).

    The iPad Pro and a small Cafe Bag is actually a great combination, so this was a great experiment.



      Thank you so much for the reply. I was thinking of waiting for new MCB colors but I think I'm ready to get a SCB with an FS instead. I use my iPads naked or in a slim TPU case (but this means I won't be able to just plunk the SCB anywhere I want to). If the Logitech K480 fits then I guess the K811 will as well.

      Also traveling in November so I'm including a small Double Organizer Pouch for my passport and cash.

      Thank you again, bbcamp.