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Packing cube size...a rookie needs help!

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    Packing cube size...a rookie needs help!

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a Tom Bihn Aeronaut and a set of cubes to go with it. I wanted to ask about the size of the cubes.

    My trips are pretty much business trips of 2 to 4 days, or leisure trips of up to a week.

    I see that most of the cubes are 4 1/2" deep, and I'm wondering if that's ever TOO much room? I've also looked at the Eagle Creek cubes, and they seem to be more in the range of 2 1/2" to 3" deep. Do those of you who use them find that the TB cubes are a good size, or does your packing ever leave them half empty? My concern is that if the cube is half empty I would think the clothes would 'flop around', getting messed up and "wrinkley"? I guess I'm thinking about a weekend trip, and wondering if the cubes would work or if they're more of a potential problem then a help.

    I really could use some help, I'm debating between the Aeronaut and the Air Boss...but I'm obviously leaning toward the TB bag.....

    Any thoughts or comments would be MUCH appreciated!!!

    I usually pack my packing cubes full, but when I did leave them half or less empty, my clothes didn't get messed up or wrinkly. They didn't seem to shift position in the packing cubes at all.
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      I agree, I've never had a problem with the packing cubes causing a problem due to being large. I think part of it is the Aeronaut is so well designed, it holds it's shape better than a loose duffel bag, which helps to prevent the shifting of packing cube contents.
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