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Freudian Slip Idea

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    Freudian Slip Idea

    I have been searching for a convenient way to carry CD/DVD’s without taking up a lot of space. I haven’t really found a good solution. The closest item I could find would be to take an over the visor cd case and throw it in my new ID bag. I see that the Freudian Slip has a few zipper pockets, but that does not look like it would hold enough discs. Have you guys thought about redesigning the Freudian Slip to include a CD/DVD case, or designing a new stand alone CD/DVD case?


    Welcome, starfyre, and thanks for your suggestion!

    How many CDs/DVDs would you like to carry? Do you want to/need to carry them in their jewel cases or sleeves?
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      I was thinking that it should hold around 12 discs without their jewel cases. Mostly just to carry a some game discs, movies, and blank media for emergencies.


        When I take long trips I like to take a bunch of DVDs with me. I use a couple neoprene round cases that have a zipper most of the way around the CD/DVD. The case is circular. There are little pockets for about 10 disks, but I don't limit myself to 10 discs. I extend the cases use by simply using some string that I run through the hole in the center and tie on the edge to secure a stack. The case holds many more discs than it has pockets for. I like TV series on DVD and they are easy to transport and keep like that. All the sleeves and pockets seem like overdesign for protecting a relatively durable product.

        If I were to design a CD/DVD holder I would probably want it to be neoprene and round with a spindle or nylon strap in the middle. It would have a plastic zipper around the top and it would hold about 15-20 discs.

        I know CDs and DVDs are in wide use right now, but how much longer will it be before this type of media goes the way of records and cassettes. With limited resources I wouldn't bother spending a lot of time working on this type of product. Digital downloads and flash media are becoming much more common and will replace the need for CDs/DVDs before too long.


          I use a nifty device to hold my CD and DVD's.
          It's called an IPOD!

          It is a relatively simple matter to load it with entertainment CD and DVD and not a whole lot tougher to store Data and software on them.

          There are other implications and potential snags maybe to using them this way but it has really helped streamline my carrying load.


            My whole thought process for bringing it up on these forums is that zippered cases are too big and protect too much for it already being in a protected bag. I was thinking more like the lines of a over the visor cd case just so it would be thin. So why not include it in another thin product, the freudian slip?

            So if you carry all your music/movies on your ipod, you probably wouldn't need a freudian slip because you carry all your papers on a flash drive right? Thats just not practical for me, considering I only have an 8gig iPhone which is close to max storage from music/podcasts alone. Beyond that, your iPod can't carry your game images either. I try to extract them to my hard drive, but with DRM the way it is these days I do not always succeed.

            The truth is that cd's/dvd's/blu-ray is here for a while. Digital is definitely handy, but not always available nor up to the same quality.


              I was relating my needs and solutions to the problem you mentioned.
              You are certainly correct that there are many times where having the media with you is the only practical solution.

              What I do is simply stick the Visor style case into any pocket in any bag and off I go.
              Since the discs are rugged by themselves the case only needs to provide some scratch resistance and organization,at least in my opinion.

              This seems like one of these problems that has already been solved to me.
              In fact I just grabbed my Fruedian Slip and a Visor Media case and the case slides right into the Slip.

              Mine is the originnal Slip too.

              It does semm that it would be a simple matter to just add two pockets to the front of the lower file holder on the slip and then discs could be stored there without adding any real bulk.

              My only gripe with any of the Bihn Bags is the relative lack of organization pockets as compared to even the cheapest of the "mainstream" bags.

              But I love them anyway.


                Here's my solution: A car visor CD holder (with straps cut off) tucked into a pocket of the vertical Freudian Slip. I know you would be using a horizontal Slip with the ID, but it could probably fit in the zippered back pocket. You can see a photo here:


                  I might have to pursue that option. Just would be handy if it was already a feature of the freudian slip. Thanks for the feedback.