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Brain Cell mesh

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    Brain Cell mesh

    I was wondering how hard you guys are on the mesh pocket of your Brain Cells. I've had one for the past year but I'm reluctant to put the power brick for my Macbook Pro in there, since I don't want to stretch it out. I'd rather just use it for cds and envelopes and maintain the flush look that it came with.

    Does anyone stuff that pocket full, and if so, how resilient is it? Does it snap back into shape, or start to get baggy after awhile?

    This is a bit of a moot point since my ID should arrive tomorrow, and I'll have all sorts of cool pouches to stash stuff in, but I'm still curious.


    I keep my Macbook's brick in the webbing and it hasn't stretched or deformed at all. The webbing is quite flexible and tough, and seems to have good memory (restores to its original shape). I wouldn't worry about it.


      Good input - thanks, jonjake.


        I second jonjake's assessment.
        I've been putting my iGo brick and cords in the mesh pocket occasionally and the mesh always bounces back.