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Air Brain Cell + Freudian Slip = A(i)rtefact attaché?

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    Air Brain Cell + Freudian Slip = A(i)rtefact attaché?

    This idea evolved from my reaction to using the horizontal Freudian Slip with my Super Ego. I understand that the slip evolved from a vertical version for backpacks, an idea that had been a long time coming. The horizontal version is helpful to organize papers and files, but I've a few minor quibbles. There is a piece of foam inside and the slip is sewn around it to give the whole item form. I've been tempted to rip the stitch across the top and remove the foam to create a pocket . I thought one of your plastic file dividers could go in there for rigidity, and a zipper to close it back up, of course. Another thing about the slip is that although the organizer pockets are helpful they can be problematic to access when in a stuffed messenger bag.

    So I started thinking about a folio kind of thing that would basically be like the slip turned inside out, with some additional details to make it more complete. It would be nice to hold a sketchbook or binder; if there was a pocket at the base of the 'stack' that ran in the opposite direction, one could slide the covers of a binder into the slip from the bottom up, and keep it secure in the folio, and still use the pockets of the slip from the top down. The whole would require a 'D' type zipper that runs around on three sides, and made in cork, it would have a unique appearance.

    This was percolating in my head and then along came the MacBook Air. So I started thinking. With the inevitable thinning up of the rest of the line, and eventually even PC laptops shrinking, the Brain Cell deserved a look, too.

    So here it is, the Air Brain Cell attaché, the A(i)rtefact. Picture the Archetype, but with two parallel sets of zippers. One reveals a compartment tailored for the computer with a Ristretto style slip pocket, and perhaps a pocket or two for cables and charger. (Can we sneak these in accounting for the wedge in profile?) The other half would have the complement of organizer pouches and zipper pockets on one side, and the slip pockets on the other, with the possibility of the book/binder slip functioning in between. I would think the whole thing could be brought in at a size resembling the Brain Cell I already use (17" MBP). Rendered in the beautiful cork, with slip pockets on the outside as well, catches for the bayonet clips, nice handles and clips for a shoulder strap, and you have a fully functional office in a sexy case that I can use on it's own or in my Super Ego, or I can give it to the Missus with the Western Flyer I'm going to get her and she'll finally have the one bag business trip whipped.

    If it could be produced in sizes to find a sweet spot between laptop dimensions and paper sizes for filing (arcane, I know, but I'm studying Architecture and love carrying an A3 sketchbook, which just makes it in my SE), that would be sweet. Not too much fussing, A3/17" ; A4/13" might work.

    About the cork, this is a gorgeous product that would help to distinguish this bag as a professional accessory and differentiate it in the Bihn product line, establishing a new price-point.

    Thanks for the great bags, and for a forum where a design obsessive can feel at home.

    I have sketches of something quite similar, though I hadn't imagined it in cork: certainly a failure of my imagination.
    What you describe is sort of the Holy Grail of bags – similar to a bag we used to make called the Eclipse. (We quit making that bag because my seamstresses said it was just too hard to get it right.)
    I hope to revisit this concept sometime later this year: sadly my day job (CEO of Tom Bihn Inc.) sometimes gets in the way of my true calling (designer).
    Thanks for your ideas.

    PS: Artifact was the runner-up name for the Archetype


      a long ramble


      I signed up after 3 years of lurking (and using my bags) to bump this thread. Any update on this concept or a variation of the same?

      I'm in a 'bag quandary' at the moment and this product is PERFECT for what I need.

      I've decided to ditch my trusty 17" MBP* and move over to the MacBook Air. I'm quite anal about my laptop transportation methods and after spending 4 weeks researching my options ... I'm stuck!

      Two distinct needs

      1. Local trips to the coffee shop ... not much protection needed.

      Answer: Ristretto w/ an incase or Turano (sorry ) sleeve. This sleeve is also for dust/scratch protection

      2. Serious protection sleeve/bag.

      Answer: A normal laptop/notebook bag is out of the question. It defeats the purpose of the Air. I'm OK with a sleeve or a case to put inside my leather briefcase but this case would need to offer protection while its in my briefcase and also for meetings or business presentations. I need something that can hold my laptop, a file or two, couple of pens etc.

      The brain cell offers great protection. I can clip it inside my Empire Builder for these frequent intercontinental moves but its looks are not corporate or meeting friendly. I need a mobile office as described below that also offers good protection.

      Something like this

      The bag Gabriel described would work as a briefcase/folio on its own merits and I can even do away with my normal briefcase. If it can clip inside my empire builder it would work for my serious travels where I need all my gear.

      I'm probably over thinking this and rambling at this point but hey ... if I'm stuck with a bag decision I may as well get help from the experts. I'll gladly offer to be your guinea pig for this sleeve/portable office/folio idea.

      For now it's going to be a ristretto/sleeve for casual use. Maybe a waterfield sleevecase or a fabrix sleeve for meetings/briefcase duty. (they both have the pocket which I need but one is ugly/protective and the other is stylish/nonprotective)

      Any other thoughts on transporting my MBA in all the situations I need? I just can't find a sleeve with the combination of style/protection/utility that works for an ultraportable. Help me with this and I'll write up a long review of my Empire Builder/Brain Cell with pics in all the locations below and camels/goats/jeeps/bentleys

      Cheers - Krish

      *transported for 3 years in its BrainCell and Empire Builder from ...

      1. West Lafayette, IN to Altadena, CA - new job
      2. Altadena, CA to Mumbai, India - moved with all belongings
      3. Mumbai, India to Brussels - moved with all belongings
      4. Brussels to KUWAIT - moved with all belongings
      5. Kuwait to Bali - see above
      6. Bali to Goa to Jaipur (India) - finally settling down for 2 years

      That's 7 change of residences and many, MANY short trips, business trips, vacations, weekend jaunts, train trips in India you name it.

      That's a thread in itself, I'll have to dig up pics of my equipment and bags in all these locations ...


        guess there's nothing in the pipeline ...