Newbie enters.

Just picked up my Size 2 Crimson Brain Cell at the Seattle Store on Friday. Wanted something different from my notebook PC. All the bags I have are black, black, and black. The Crimson looks like a Pizza deliverer's Thermo-bag. I sometimes carry my Brain Cell on it's back, holding it up like a waiter to get the "huh?"s. All I need now is a non-aerosol spritzer with Pizza Scent. I wonder if the good folks in PA make something like that...?

I wonder if Tom has thought about installing RF chips (for ID) in the bags. It will be in the market soon enough - Zero, Tumi and others are on it - why not be ahead of the game?

Love the BC. Webbing on the side is plenty for my power adapter (wart), Cat 6 cable, and IEEE cable. only concern is that I don't want to stretch it beyond the meaterial's ability to shrink back, and end up looking sloppy. There is no room inside other than for a magazine or some documents, so I have to either risk stretching the webbibng (over time) or go on battery - which gives me only about 4 hours of life.

Great product, by the way.