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To buckle or not to buckle

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    To buckle or not to buckle

    Quick question regarding the seatbelt buckle option on the Super Ego and Ego bags...

    Some review sites say that the buckle adds a pound to the weight of the bag but the actual weight described on this website is 5.3 oz.

    2 questions:

    1. What's the weight of the added buckle setup - is it really that much added weight?
    2. Do you like your seatbelt buckle if you bought it?


    I don't know the specifics of the weight, because I only have the belt buckle option on mine. But I *love* it. Very easy to use, and I love the style of it.
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      I have a Super Ego and... way too many strips. Only one has a seatbelt buckle, but it hasn't left my bag since the day I got it.

      It is definitely heavier if you hold the strips side-by-side, but given that my bag is never empty, I never feel the extra heft in normal usage.

      There are really only two drawbacks to the seatbelt strip:

      1.) Noise. There's a definite jangling at times, which isn't a huge deal. It just means people will hear you coming, whereas the standard plastic closure is quiet.

      2.) You pretty much can't leave the thing unbuckled unless you're totally stationary. I didn't always bother securing the flap shut with the plastic buckle, since it did a good job staying shut on its own. The bottom half of the seatbelt buckle will pull itself down to the end of the strap, if unsecured. I usually find out I've forgotten to snap the bag closed because the weighted strap is banging into the backs of my knees.

      That said, I still think the seatbelt-style closures are cool. The added weight makes them feel more durable than the plastic buckles (although, I've got a dog who kept trying to gnaw on the plastic piece, and it held up admirably well), and I prefer the push-button release to the pinch-the-sides release.


        Originally posted by chris.y View Post
        Some review sites say that the buckle adds a pound to the weight of the bag but the actual weight described on this website is 5.3 oz.
        5.3oz is an accurate weight. It doesn't add a pound.
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          I love my seatbelt strip. The only time I take it off is when I'm traveling by air. I figure It was easy to stick with the plastic closure that's also reflective when I'm on the road.
          I never notice the weight, and the metal clinks if the strap is slack. When I close it I give a good tug to make sure it's tight.
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            Thanks all - I ended up with a Super Ego and stayed with the plastic buckle. Overall, love the setup.