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Buying Another Size?

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    Buying Another Size?


    How often do you buy something at one size, use it, then determine a larger or smaller version of the same product will work better? Why? Do you ever repurpose the original purchase or give it to a friend?
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    Definitely has happened to me. Tom Bihn makes it extra difficult because every size they offer is sized perfectly.

    I bought the S19 first, then decided I liked it so much that I should try the larger S25. I actually rarely take the S25 out because I've gotten so used to the compact size of the S19 that the S25 feels unwieldy to me. My best friend has the S25 and thinks my S19 is way too small. But I won't sell the S25 because it's a great size if you need to carry a laptop or several changes of clothing.

    I got the Pilot first, which suited my needs exactly when I got it (personal item for a laptop + misc. gear) but I came to like the Co-Pilot better, as long as I can leave the laptop behind, that is. (Maybe I should have gotten a Cadet?)

    I bought the Large Shop Bag and the Small Shop Bag at the same time. I fell in love with the Small Shop Bag and rarely ever carry the Large Shop Bag.

    I'm staring down the barrel at the A30 versus A45 but might take a completely different turn and pick up the WF. I know that if I buy one Aeronaut I'll end up with the other.

    I own one of each size of Patagonia Black Hole Duffel. At least they're "cheap."


      For the accessories like pouches, stuff sacs and keystraps, I do this all the time. But the pouches and keystraps are super useful and I can usually find a use for all of them.

      For the bigger items like backpacks, I started with an s19, found it a bit too small for carrying my stuff and my kid's stuff. Bought a Luminary with the idea that it would be my "handbag" and that I'd carry a separate bag for my kids stuff. Didn't like the Luminary, and ended up buying a second hand s25 that I love.
      I no longer have the s19 or the Luminary.

      I could see myself purchasing an s19 again in the future, once my kid is old enough to start carrying his own stuff.

      I haven't bought any other of the "big bags". I just don't travel enough to justify them, if the s25 doesn't carry all my stuff for a trip, I'm packing too much. Or I just need to use one of my slightly larger bags (different company) that was designed to exactly match the carry-on size limit.


        This TB community is great for rehoming bags, so I'm never stuck with an expensive bag that doesn't work for me.

        Once I discovered that it was very easy to resell or trade TB bags, I have no qualms about BUYING ALL THE BAGS and either sending back, trading or reselling what doesn't work for me. Sometimes I can tell right away that a bag won't work and I send it back to TB. Sometimes I actually have to use the bag once or twice before I realize it just doesn't work for me. And sometimes I think I'm going to use the bag and don't, usually because I've bought it in several colors because I BOUGHT ALL THE BAGS, and I sell or trade the unused ones. Sometimes I love a bag, but prefer it in a different fabric.

        So far, I've traded an A30 and WF for 2 A45s.
        I've bought and sold and bought SE and SK in different fabrics and color combinations.
        I've bought and sold and bought packing cubes as I've changed bags and the fabrics and cube styles changed.
        I've bought and sold TTs in different sizes and colors. Bought too many, but I don't like the small one.
        I've bought and sold shop bags and totes as I've found the sizes and colors that work best for me.
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          Lol glad I’m not alone. I have owned a great deal of TB bags in the past 3-4 years:

          S25 at least three times (North Carolina blue, Steel/UV and Black Halcyon/Island)
          four different SE (Original Halcyon, Black Halcyon, Nordic and Green...I’m down to the Original which is my first TB purchase and the Nordic)
          the DLBC three different times (no longer own any)
          two CoPilots (both gone)
          two Brain Bags (one ended up being for the spouse & sold the other...another regret)
          a Pilot (spouse took it)
          S19 that I sold (another regret)
          Using my second DLBP with a third one on the way (got it in the new Ballistic)
          traded my Maker’s Bag for a Nordic DLBP and then traded that for another LS which I turned around and sold (I now have one Swift and one LS)
          had the SK then sold it
          had a Luminary but didn’t like the size of the side pockets so I sold it

          Whenever I travel it is by car so I use my SA (2nd time owning it and am keeping since it’s retired), my Red Oxx duffles or my Kelty Redwing 40...can’t justify buying the A30/45 and I don’t like the look of the WF or TS. I keep the pouches because I can always use those.

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            Normally when I buy a replacement bag it's because the first lacked the right mix of features, only once because it was the wrong size. So far. I have many bag buying years ahead of me.

            But whatever the reason I replaced the original, I usually repurpose it. If a friend loves the bag, I'll give it them. If I don't love it and it has some value I'll sell it.

            If you're looking for justification to replace a wrong-sized bag you've come to the right place!


              And here I am hemming and hawing over whether or not I should get another smaller Travel Tray!


                I have a small cafe bag, but am considering also getting a medium one as well.


                  I also have a small cafe bag and thinking of getting the medium. The small just fits all of my stuff with not much room to spare. I'm also considering keeping the SCB and getting a Pop Tote to augment it for taking stuff to work. (Or do I want the Swift?!) I tend to collect bags, so I used to give them away, but now that I know I can trade the TB bags here, that is an option.


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                      I've done it several times. I had an s25, but in an effort to restrict myself to packing less I got an s19, size wise it was great, but a bad fit, caused pain in my shoulders, so back to the s25. I started with a large travel tray in NWS, realized I love UV better, then even traded that for a small UV travel tray. Got a luminary, but switched to an A30 pcbp. Had a small pouch for travel jewelry then swapped for a mini. Pretty much anytime something isn't quite right I swap it. I take my TB products seriously and strive for the best combination for me.

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                        It’s very rare for me to buy multiple sizes, it’s very common to come back and buy another in multiple colors. DLBP, PCSB, Pop Tote... lol