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Recommend a bag for a high school teacher

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    Recommend a bag for a high school teacher

    Hi there.

    I recently purchased a bag at Costco that I don't think is going to work out.

    It's the comp-u-roller from Wenger. I thought it looked useful, but I think it's going to be far too heavy, and it looks so much more like a suitcase than anything practical.

    Looking around my school, I also see that the only people rolling around bags are gigantic women who can barely walk (no offense to gigantic women who can barely walk). I'm not a person who minds carrying things as long as it's not horribly uncomfortable.

    Basically, here's what I need.

    I need a bag that can hold my laptop (Gateway M505 B2)
    It should be able to allow me to carry about six folders filled with papers to grade. I need one folder for each class and another for memos, etc. The folders often get thick when I am behind in grading!
    Possibly a couple of large English texts. Probably not, since I will have copies at home... but just in case.
    The ability to carry a cell phone and PDA.
    Pens, pencils, and other school supplies.

    I think that's it.... I think, but I know I'm forgetting important things. In fact, I just came back up to type something and forgot what it was... so I know I'm forgetting something!!!!! Remembered. I have a tiny, little Canon printer that I use for quickie print jobs at school. I wouldn't mind a little extra space for that... but it's not necessary, as I usually keep the printer at school in a drawer.

    All this year, I used two bags. I used a laptop backpack and a separate cheapy brief case from a conference. It was awkward to carry the two. One or both kept slipping.

    I want to take back the Wenger bag that I bought... even though the price was pretty good. It just won't work out.

    So tell me everything I need! Oh... came back to edit. I don't think I really want a backpack. I would like something more professional-looking.


    P.S. Are the infamous labels still present on all the bags? It was an article on them that led me to this site. I definitely must insist on one!

    P.P.S. The bag descriptions need more internal shots of the bags. I have a hard time picturing where all my stuff will go.
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    I would recommend the
    Empire Builder with the Size 1 Brain Cell for your Gateway.

    You'll be able to carry everything you listed inside of the Empire Builder, and you can carry the bag either by its handles or with the optional Absolute Shoulder Strap, which is exceptionally comfortable.

    What really makes the Empire Builder jump out as the obvious choice is that it has removable file dividers, which sounds like the perfect solution for your class files. You can keep them organized and protected.

    And yes, the Empire Builder and the Brain Cell both have the 'Treason Tag' sewn in

    I agree that we need more pictures of the bags! I am looking at this camera. Can anyone here offer me some advice?
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      Actually, I did some research after posting, and I even added everything you mentioned to my shopping cart.

      The bag
      The strap
      The brain cell
      the extra file folders

      Gonna have to panhandle on the street to get it on a teacher's salary though! Might be worth it though.

      I did have one question.

      Can the extra file folders and the brain cell both fit inside?


      Oh... and do you think I need anything extra for cords and stuff, or am I pretty much set?

      And that's a 1000 dollar camera!!! EEEP! I have a Kodak EasyShare DX6490, and I'm very satisfied. Great zoom and takes really good closeup photos. And I think it's under $400.00 now.


        See! It's that perfect of a system for you.

        Yes, you'll be able to fit both the laptop (inside of the Brain Cell) and the extra file dividers.

        There are maybe one or two more things you could add on to the package, but I'd say you are set. The Empire Builder has nice organizer pockets on the front flap and under it.

        You could enter our photo contest.....the customer who sends us the best, most original picture of him or herself using a Tom Bihn bag gets a $50.00 gift certificate.

        Yes, it's $1000.00 for the body only...but it's so appealing! The quality of pictures it takes is absolutely stunning. When I come back down to earth I'll realise that a camera like your Kodak will work just as well and easier to use in the beginning, to boot. But for now...
        Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


          Well.... I ordered everything

          So, I ended up ordering everything I said I thought about ordering.

          I hope I did the right thing.

          So everything is sold out right now, and I won't see anything until August for sure?


            It's a big purchase, but it really does sound like the Empire Builder is suited to your needs.

            PM or email me your order number and I'll try to give you a better time estimate, but it looks more like late July.
            Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

            Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


              Wow.... three years later, and my Empire Builder still looks like I just unpacked it... and it's been through a lot. Unfortunately, I still have the same ol' laptop... but it's been dropped in the bag and is still kicking.

              Unfortunately, my son ripped off the "4" key when he was 2... and now I can't type his current age easily.

              Still regret not being bolder with the colors though! For those of you who haven't purchased your bags yet... be bold! Get something colorful!

              Looks like I've got some new accessories to purchase now! I'll post some questions about those somewhere else.