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Pet allergy concern

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    Pet allergy concern


    I was wondering if anyone had experiences with TB bags and allergies. I realize that a lot of folks like to buy multiple bags, try them on for a while and return the ones they don't want to keep. All that is fine, as TB only has one store and most people cannot see their bags firsthand, getting a bunch and returning it makes sense. I would do the same thing.

    My concern is, personally I have an allergy to pet hair and dander, specifically cats. I get a bad reaction to them, I also have a child with a similar issue. My concern is, for bags that get returned are they somehow cleaned out before being resold again? I am worried that a cat owning customer may have returned a bag that would get resold again. My previous purchase did not have this issue, but it was a halcyon bag and it's smooth and doesn't attract hair or dander. I don't have any experience with any of the other materials. I just did not want to blow an epipen on something like this, those things are very expensive now sadly.

    Many thanks in advance for any insight.

    I guess I would just check with the CS team, and explain your concerns. They may be able to make sure you only get new/never-sold items.

    (Also, I hear you on the Epi expense - I was lucky enough to get ahold of a rebate that covered my co-pays)


      You need to wash something in hot water to get dander out, yes? TB washing instructions are to keep the bags out of the washer. But really, email their support for specifics about how they handle returns and what their threshold is for accepting returns with visible pet hair, and if it matches yours. They're very friendly and helpful.

      I feel your hesitation. I get rashes occasionally when people's fragrances residues get left on the clothes they've tried. I don't need an epipen fortunately, but it adds a layer of aggravation to shopping.
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        Thank you very much for the suggestions!