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Protecting my MacBook, inside and outside of the Ristretto

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    Originally posted by jonjake View Post
    Nice comment. That should encourage people here to help you.
    Again,I suppose that comment was in response to your last dismissive reply to his question.
    Not only was it rude but it was also not correct,they can be used together.

    Do you two have some history or something?



      No, there is no history between me and the OP, or anyone else here. I just read these forums because I love my Bihn bags and am interested in what's happening with the company. I don't comment often but I've had many of my own questions answered by reading the perceptive comments in the threads, so when a thread pertains to a subject I have experience with, I try to add a substantive data point to it in hopes of helping other Bihn users.

      It is clear that we disagree on what constitutes appropriate/effective protection for a laptop, and that neither you or the OP is interested in my input. So I will leave you guys to your discussion, and I wish you both luck.


        Now this is just getting silly.
        None of what you say is clear to me at all.

        You started this off by making rude,insulting comments .
        This is some input that I am interested in seeing stopped.

        No one here deserves or appreciates this type of attack and it also taints your further comments as far as I am concerned.

        We are talking about bags after all.
        Lets just talk about bags and leave the people out of this.

        Remember don't shoot the messenger......bag.
        Sorry,I had to.


          Differing opinions add to our forum discussion, so let's all work together to keep it a bit friendlier on all sides. I recommend everyone in this thread review their comments and use the 'edit' button to tone things down a notch where necessary. If we work together to keep the tone civil and we self-edit a bit, we can keep these forums functioning the way that they currently are -- without heavy-handed moderation.

          Everyone here, I'm sure, has had the experience that the tone or intention of an email (or other text communication, like a forum post) they've sent has been misunderstood in a negative way by the recipient. We can't see each other face-to-face and pick up the signals we usually would from tone, body language, facial expressions, etc., and it can be easy for something relatively minor to snowball into something bigger.

          Let's keep this minor and move on. Okay?
          Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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            MIRABILE DICTU: The 13" Macbook, while enclosed inside of the Incase hardshell case, will fit inside a Size 6 Brain Cell! Let there be great rejoicing at the common and interrelated utility of these two fine MacBook-protecting devices! I shall post pics anon, when I have access to my camera.