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    Gear Bag

    I am new to the forum, new to Tom's bags. I recently purchased an Aero, and am very impressed with the product. It meets all of my expectations with regard to quality I have read about.
    That said, I have been looking and have struggled with finding just the right bag for carrying gear, especially for fishing and related items. I really think a truly gear bag by Tom, researched as he obviously does for the finer use areas, would be a popular item and in great demand. I have not found a really good bag I consider close to the quality Tom could produce, and most importantly they haven't had the innovative parts Tom would invent or develop from the best of several different types.
    I would be curious if others feel the same way, and if Tom has considered such a bag in the past.
    Many thanks for allowing and listening to feedback.

    Welcome, bigo!

    Tom has quite a long design "to-do" list right now, but he has read your suggestion and will consider it.

    Have you looked at Battle Lake Outdoors gear bags? They're made in Minnesota. Battle Lake used to make a few of our bags under contract for us.

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      gear bag

      thanks for the suggestion. i have not heard of them and they don't pop up on web searches.



        Im looking for a gear/shoulder bag and i have narrowed it down to the Tom Bihn Imago or Red Oxx Gator, but cannot decide between the two.
        Both of them are beautifully made bags, lots of pockets, durable etc.
        I would buy them both but can only afford one. Anyone got any suggestions. Thanks.


          The Imago is lighter than than the Gator if
          weight is an issue for you. Red Oxx gear
          tends to be over engineered, I own the
          Red Oxx Rock Hopper but prefer the elegant
          professional look of Tom Bihn bags. more
          flexible too for urban use.
          Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

          Travel Lite & Smart


            what do you mean by overengineered with regard to the red oxx?


              I just looked at the gator and imago. i am amazed that the two bags for gear purposes are being seen as comparable.
              In my orignial question posed about seeking a gear bag, my purposes were beyond the urban casual uses.
              I am looking for a multipurposed bag, to be used in a variety of ways, whether as a carryon, hunting bag, fishing bag, atv riding... a rough and tough bag you can pick up and go with. i thought with the unique design creativity of TB, a gear bag as i described would be right up the alley for BIHN and capture the interest of a broader group of users--- beyond urban use. So far the gator is clearly more in line with what i have been looking for.


                To be honest cabela's gear bag for $20 is about the best deal going for the purposes i have outlined, at least for me. I will continue to purchase TB's products as the need and desire arises for the extra quality and specialness they provide. I love my Aero and just thought that a gear bag with the Bihn design and special touch might be a popular product. I am sure he receives many suggestions, but obviously can't pay attention to the many ideas of limited interest from the fringe areas. I enjoy reading the different musings of a topic most people would never think of. Keep the thoughts, ideas and even odd commentaries coming. They are interesting and entertaining, and quite amusing sometimes. i enjoy them.