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Side Effect strap clip comes off o-ring suddenly, dropping bag to ground

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    I bet this problem would stop if the gate portion of the clip had teeth like this product:

    Interlocking Snaphook | NA ITW Nexus

    (The product pictured does not swivel, so the twist-up-and-off problem probably occurs quite often. The gate is shown outside the hook in order to show off the teeth; ordinarily the gate is inside the hook, where the teeth engage other teeth on the tip of the hook.)
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      I've also had this problem with my Side effect on occasion - first couple of time you figure 'maybe I didn't do it up right' , but I know I've checked since. It doesn't happen often, and I couldn't think of common feature in what i was doing that would have caused it, but it's really annoying when it does.
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        So, this just popped back into my consciousness today! We demo'd this for customer service and they've been in the loop for a while now, so if anyone has contacted us via phone/email/live chat they've gotten the scoop. Sorry it's taken me a bit to respond here myself.

        We were finally able to recreate what you guys are describing. Here's how:

        We clipped the strap to the Side Effect with the opening side of the snaphook facing out and away from the bag.
        We put quite a bit of weighty stuff in the Side Effect.
        We put the Side Effect on a surface (table, ground, etc)
        We yanked up on the strap with some force.

        The strap didn't always pop off when we did what is outlined above, but it certainly did if the snaphook also happened to be twisted in such a way that the opening of the snaphook could be forced open and off the O-ring when we yanked on the strap.

        Thankfully, we also figured out a way to prevent this from happening: by clipping the shoulder strap snaphook so that the opening is towards the bag. This is how the strap is "kitted" (our fancy professional lingo for "attached") with the Side Effect.

        It is worth noting that although several of you here have experienced this, we don't think it's a wide spread problem (I don't think our customer service has ever been contacted about this problem, at least that we can remember) and we don't think it's worth changing the strap or strap attachment points on the Side Effect because of this... especially because we don't want to take a rare issue and make a major one out of it.

        Hope this makes sense and helps a bit.
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          It happened to me today as I was grabbing my SE by the strap. Fortunately it was all zipped closed and I had a good hold of the strap when it happened so that neither the bag nor the contents crashed to the ground.
          ⭐️The hooks were both facing towards the bag. See pic.

          I checked both the hook and O-ring for breakage or failure. They were solid.
          I checked the swivel in the hook. It was loose and rotates really well I didn’t feel any kind of catch on it.
          It happened on the side where there is double the webbing (see pic)

          And the only thing I noted was that the webbing had flipped inside out so that there’s a twist (you can kind of see it in the pic). Don’t know it that put some kind of weird torque on the hook or not.
          Anyway keeping the hook towards the bag didn’t keep it from unsnapping in my case.
          The 5/8” width is perfect for me and I’m not going to buy one that’s wider.
          Lesson learned: I need to make sure it’s zipped up and that I have a firm hold of the strap whenever I grab it [emoji3526][emoji1303]

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