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Moleskine jacket

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    Moleskine jacket

    Just back at my desk after a month of tramping around the Western Isles of Scotland. I'm a writer, so I always have a Moleskine notebook (for me it's the Cahier softside, 3x5) and a pen in my pocket. In soaking rains (plenty of those in the Hebrides, and in the mountains of Thailand, and so on...), my notebooks get damp and wrinkly, and sometimes the writing gets smeared.
    I'd love a 3-sided-zip-around, Tom Binh notebook jacket, big enough for the hardback pocket-size Moleskines (which would be big enough for 2 of the Cahier style), and a full-size pen. Cordura, water-resistant zipper. It would live in my right pocket when I'm in the field, friend to the small organizer pouch that already lives in my left pocket, doing wallet service.
    I've seen products that are sort of like what I want, but I've been so spoiled by the workmanship and materials of my TB stuff, and by the company's service, that those other notebook jackets just don't make the grade.
    Think there might be a market for such a thing?

    Checkout Moleskin covers .
    Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

    Travel Lite & Smart


      I have the 2-tone snap closure pictured here: http://www.renaissance-art.com/Prod129/Product.aspx

      I love it... goes in my Medium Cafe Bag everywhere I go.



        Thanks for the handsome suggestions! But...

        Hi PM4Hire, Brantroz,
        Thanks very much for the recommendation. The leather covers are quite handsome, and the pen holder looks genuinely functional, which is rare. But I don't think they'd really serve my purpose. I'm looking for a cover to add water-resistant protection to my notebooks, with a minimum of weight. I'm hoping for something to carry in a pocket for field reporting in soggy/sloppy conditions, rather than personal journaling. I fill up notebooks fast enough that I don't so much need to reinforce them, or make them more attractive, as need them to not get ruined in the wet.
        Rites in the Rain solves the problem with plastic covers and waterproof paper, but I just don't like writing in them. Guess I'm fussy.
        Thanks again for the links, though. Good source for gifts for other Moleskine-carriers I know!