I was wondering which TB styles you regret and which styles are your favorites (or that you have multiples of).

Regrets: I have a beautiful navy/solar Side Effect that I have owned for several years and that I have never used. I am just not into it. I have waited to grow into it but that day never came.

Took me a while: The Pilot. I regretted buying this but have grown to love and use this bag more than I ever thought. This is like a messenger bag without the flap (which I hate on bags). I'm not a flap person. The Pilot has become a trusty friend.

Old Faithful: The Co-Pilot has become old faithful. It is like a second skin. The Pilot and co-pilot are the only bags I hang up in my closet with my clothes. Each on their own hangers. I find that the cordura wrinkles and makes the bag look ugly. I stuff them with old pillow cases while they are not in use.

Star Power: I have been very vocal about the shop bags being the best bags that Tom Bihn makes. I have 3 and just ordered another 2 today. The other day I used my zip-top for the groceries and what a luxury to zip it up when it was pouring rain outside; something I have never done before.

Do you have any regrets or slow to love styles from TB?