After many years of no flying, (the carry on personal items have been reduced, again!) I am going back to the joy of our crowded airports.

The Brain Bag is going to be my carry on but I cannot decide which of the Swifts or Large Cafe Bag will be better as my personal item.

Pros: It is wonderful
can hold a tons of stuff
can fit upright under the seat.
things can be stashed in in a hurry

Cons: It is an open bag, if security wants to rummage through my very organized stuff, it could be a pain to repack if I overload it.
It is a one shoulder or handheld bag not that easy to deal with if I have to run.

The Large Cafe Bag

Can be worn cross body, free to run with
It Closes perfect if I get rained outside the airport, secure,
looks more like a purse so a less chances to have it looked into

Cons:Not as roomy as the Swift
I have to lay it down under the seat (I dislike messing up my TB bags)

Suggestions, Please!
I can't decide since I usually carry both bags and got used to have them with me everyday.

Stupid bag rules (grumble, grumble)

I am especially upset since the 3 bags take way less space that those monster wheeled "carry ons" that eat up the overhead bins real estate.