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Large Ristretto Messenger

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    Large Ristretto Messenger

    Recently, the more and more I look at the Ristretto Messenger bag, the more I wish I had a MacBook Air to go with it (you know it's a sickness when you try to find a reason to get another laptop because it fits a certain Tom Bihn bag that you don't have). Anyway, as much as I love my Super Ego and adore my Empire Builder, there are times I wished I had another bag that is sized enough to carry just the essentials like the laptop itself, the power brick, and maybe a mouse without the added bulk of the full-sized bags. I know the Brain Cell already fits that bill, but the no-nonsense aesthetic of the Brain Cell leaves me wishing for more. And being the owner of a MBP 17 behemoth, its really tough to find other suitable options (be it in the current TB lineup or outside). I did (reluctantly) look at this and this bag, but first and foremost they weren't made by Tom Bihn (a big minus for me) and it wasn't exactly the style I was looking for which brings me back to the Ristretto Messenger bag. Would Tom ever consider making a largish Ristretto big enough to accommodate a MBP 17" while keeping the overall design and compactness of the Ristretto that I find so appealing? I would surely love to see it made in a bigger size and in ballistic nylon at that as I'm sure several 17" laptop owners secretly wish for it too :P

    Tom if you happen to read this, I know it's another addition to your ever growing list of wish lists, but... please pretty please? [envy mode on]Ristretto's design is too good to be kept limited to the 13" laptop form factor[envy mode off].
    Luis P.
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    There are a handful of us here who have pleaded for the same in other threads and posts.

    Vertical messengers are becoming more and more rare for laptops over 12"... I carry a 15" widescreen HP on a daily basis, and an "alternate sized" Ristretto would be my personal choice, favorite bag.

    The problem with the other vertical bags that can accommodate larger screens is how much overwhelming bulk they tend to bring with them. We really need Tom's streamlined, minimalist approach to the daily, light carry yet larger screen format bag. Here's my (persistent) vote for the larger Ristretto!!


      I’m joining the chorus asking for a larger Ristretto! I have scoured the (lack of) options out there for a vertical messenger bag/backpack. My goal is to find one to accommodate the Vertical Freudian Slip, my newly acquired life-saver. Sadly, I’m now considering these non-TB bags, much to my dismay ;(

      Any hope for a larger Ristretto option, in the same way that the Café bag exists in small, medium, large?


        I recently switched from a 13" MacBook to a 15" MacBook Pro. I admit, moving to a 15" MacBook Pro was bitter sweet, I was getting a much better machine but at the same time I had to retire my Punch/Wasabi Ristretto . Over the past year I've received a few emails and phone calls requesting a Ristretto sized for the 15" MacBook Pro so I asked Tom about the possibility of a larger version of the Ristretto. Tom explained that for the bag to work well, not look too large or be uncomfortable on a person they would have to be very, very tall. Sadly we can't have everything we want , heck I wish I could look good in boots but that's not going to happen :/. However, Tom does plan to design a Horizontal Ristretto for the 15" MBP in 2011.
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          Katy, Thanks so much for the response as well as asking on behalf of those vying for a larger vertical format. I will try to retire that fantasy, though now you've got me dreaming of your special Punch/Wasabi Ristretto - I would love to see a picture!

          ps: without understanding the whole art & science of bag design...it seems possible not as a messenger bag, but as a messenger backpack (say 18")?