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[Poll] Are you a one-bag, two-bag, or more traveler?

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    Always 2 bags, because women's clothes almost never have usable pockets. I need a small bag for tissues, reading glasses, my wallet etc, you know the stuff that men typically just stuff in their pockets.
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


      I always aim for the hybrid approach with my A30 on leisure travel, knowing that I will pull out the smaller bag for at my seat on the plane. That pretty much only works one way, because I know I will end up with souvenirs taking up that space on the way home.

      For work travel I have been a 2-bag traveller for a long time. Recently, I've found that I can do two-night trips with just my A30, with a DLBP packed inside for use onsite. For longer trips, I stick with a wheeled carry-on, plus my DLBP or some other 2nd bag to carry my computer.

      Originally posted by sturbridge View Post
      because women's clothes almost never have usable pockets.
      Agreed, and this is so annoying! I got a new pair of BetaBrand dress yoga travel pants right before my last work trip, and they are amazing: open pockets in the back, and zippered side-seam pockets in the front. Plus they are super comfy, and work-appropriate.
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        I am a hybrid packer and I use the Western Flyer. The majority of my trips are work related, co clothes go in the front compartment and Daylight Briefcase with laptop and work stuff, along with 3-1-1 and sometimes an extra pair of shoes, go in the back compartment. I have gone three weeks plus with this set up.


          I only travel with my parental unit as my everyday carry and on trips ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks. I find i pretty much use the same amount of stuff regardless of length of trip.


            I don't do super long trips, although I wouldn't rule that out. I generally take my Co-pilot plus a roll-on by Eagle Creek, which fits carry-on standards. I can go 7 or 8 days with that combo. Why a roll-on? Because I am cautious about loading up my back. On the return flight, I check the roll-on. If the airlines screw that up on the return flight, it doesn't matter, other than the frustration factor.

            And why, pray tell, do so many people want to carry their baggage aboard? Because the airlines have forfeited the trust of their customers in baggage processing. Their technology is still lacking.
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              If I do a trip with multiple stops I always one-bag it. Carrying more than that is too cumbersome for me and also hard for me to keep track of all my things. I've found for trips like this that the S19 is really my maximum comfortable size of bag, although I wonder if something like an (non-existent) S21 would be a perfect size-up.

              If I am doing a more relaxed trip with a single destination I carry one larger bag and either a small personal item (the Co-Pilot) or everything packed inside the larger bag with a packable bag like the DLBP or a cuben fiber backpack. I'm considering getting an Aeronaut so I can carry A30 + Co-Pilot.


                Hybrid packer here. Most of my trips are 3-5 days and I'm petite so I can get away with a backpack in the 20-25L range (think I may have just found my 'perfect' 22L bag) and a SCB tucked inside.

                I can't remember the last time I checked luggage and I won't willingly for 2 reasons - generally I have to rely on public transportation on my trips and the bigger the bag, the more of a pain it is to deal with and because when I did check bags I had one bag destroyed by the airline and I've had items stolen out of my bag on 2 occasions.


                  ever since I got a camera, i use a s25 and a small peak design camera bag for any trips less than 1 week. for 1 week, depending on the location, i bring a small duffle bag. I'm thinking of getting a yeoman (mini/small) for that reason.


                    I'm an all-of-the-above traveler without an optimal number of bags. It depends on what I'm doing at my destination, what the weather will be, and how much time I have to optimize before I leave.


                      I’m often doing a mix of two bags and hybrid: I carry my luggage and an additional day bag, but I usually make sure that the day bag and its contents could be added to my travel bag if necessary.
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                        I no longer have even the slightest interest in 1 bag travel,just not practical for me.
                        I simply carry as many as I need for the trip at hand and don't worry about it much any more.

                        Pretty Liberating Honestly!


                          I spent 5 days/nights with my mom and I used my S19 and my NFTD. The trip out had two hardcover books, 3 DVDs and a large Tervis that I was taking to my son. All of my clothes fit in the NFTD except my slippers. Without the kid stuff, I could have fit them into the NFTD. I think I could do just the duffel if my PLO was larger than a SE...


                            [Poll] Are you a one-bag, two-bag, or more traveler?

                            I usually carry 2 bags: heaviest one backpack style (a30 or SA) and a smaller one (copilot or pop tote) for under the seat. But I am now embarking on my second work trip with a Western Flyer as my only bag, and I am digging it! I do have inside it a packing cube shoulder bag as well as a side effect to use as a purse. I will use the western flyer as my computer briefcase at my destination.

                            I am in the Admiral’s club at dfw right now, enjoying the lovely compactness of this travel setup. I adore how the western flyer’s divided front compartments hold my electronics perfectly and obviate the need for a second bag.

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                              One main bag - usually some kind of rucksack (or shoulder carry) - and PLO - using a travel cubelet?. at the mo..it usually fits inside on the way out. But usually too full on the way back to go inside..

                              S25 Black halcyon/NWS: S19 Grey/UV: WF Black/NWS: Co Pilot Grey/UV, & various little pouches all purples/grey.


                                Originally posted by sturbridge View Post
                                Always 2 bags, because women's clothes almost never have usable pockets. I need a small bag for tissues, reading glasses, my wallet etc, you know the stuff that men typically just stuff in their pockets.
                                For what it's worth, if I'm bringing glasses I want to use intermittently, I'll either have to use my wife's purse or bring a day bag myself. Even men's jeans won't fit a hard-sided glasses case very well.

                                If I take it up a notch and also bring a cell phone battery pack, well, I'm definitely bringing a day bag.