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[Poll] Are you a one-bag, two-bag, or more traveler?

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    [Poll] Are you a one-bag, two-bag, or more traveler?

    And what's your opinion on the optimal number of bags? If you vary your travel style, just vote with whatever your most common M/O is, and let's discuss in the comments.
    One Bag -- no day bag, or same day bag
    Two Bags -- main bag, plus day bag
    Hybrid: Day-bag packed inside one bag
    Three or more bags

    I put one bag, but it's generally that plus a PLO that fits in my main bag during transit. Ex: Smart Alec plus Side Kick, Aeronaut plus PCSB or Shop Bag.
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      I put one bag but my SK fits in my main bag; I use the SK as a purse. This is for pleasure travel. For business travel it's two bags, my Pilot and a small roller bag.


        My goal used to be what you're calling hybrid, with a smaller bag packed inside a larger one... but usually I just fill both bags, leaving no room in the larger bag for the smaller bag. In theory a WF + Co-Pilot trip could be an A45 trip with the Co-Pilot tucked inside and plenty of room to spare, but it turns out that in those situations I like using the WF + Co-Pilot as separate bags.

        So my luggage is almost always "Pick one from list A and one from list B," where List A is (Aeronaut 45, Western Flyer) and List B is (Co-Pilot, Pilot, Ego, Id, Parental Unit). Works for me. On the rare occasions when that isn't enough room, I take my CPAP out of my luggage and carry it in its own bag (they're allowed as a free third bag on all United States airlines), but it's a nuisance to have three bags so I pack it into my main luggage when I can. (That said, I never let the CPAP be in a checked bag. If I have to gate-check a bag, I take the CPAP out and carry it on.)
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        I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

        I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


          One bag, mainly Aeronaut 45 for more than just couple of nights away. But normally with Side Kick packed and ready to use in top end pocket and another empty bag (for example Daylight Backpack or large zipped shopping bag, depending on type of travel) packed in main compartment to use at destination - or just in case a flight was overloaded and my main bag needed to be checked in. But I rarely pack the A45 to absolute limit. So far, having just one bag that can easily be carried has worked for me as allowable carry-on luggage.


            One bag ONLY!!! Hey, the Brain Bag is all I need!!!


              I travel carry on-only now -- For international trips, I just have one backpack with the bulk of items (30L-40L size but not filled) that goes in the overhead bin and a daypack (or sometimes my PCSB) as my personal item. The size depends on what I will need on me at my destination during the day. I try to minimize overall weight and how many bags, wherever possible. I have done the hybrid approach, but it's nice to have a smaller bag with items that I will use on the plane.


                Ideally it'd be S25 only, but I don't like to pack it out completely so will sometimes take a small duffel (soon to be A30) with some clothes. When traveling long distances it's usually to join a ship and I'll pack a few months of clothes/coffee in a large duffel (maybe A45 next time).

                You can never have too many bags, and it's nice to have options to suit the specific trip.


                  For work, it’s one bag only. If I can get away with it, just my Pilot. If I need a little more room, (winter gear, suit, or even just long sleeved dress shirts) then I use the WF.

                  Since I don’t have status anymore, I need to keep it to the minimum to ensure I still have maximum legroom if I end up having to have my bag under the seat.

                  For leisure, most times it’s just a few clothes baskets brought out to the camper and hung up in the closets. But occasionally, like our last Disney trip, there’s bags involved. Just got back from one such, with 5 duffles, my WF, my Pilot (used as kid’s electronics bag), backpack for each of the kids, a ‘weekender’ bag for the missus, 2 purses for the missus (regular and ‘In Disney’ slim), a couple of grocery boxes of drinks/snacks, yada, yada, yada....

                  But to be fair, we drove the 1700+ KMs there, with 2 overnight stops each way, and had to accommodate a fair amount of stuff.

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                    For the last few years I’ve been one bag only, the A45 with either a LCB, MCB, or DBP inside.

                    Once at my destination, the CBs or DBP becomes my walk around bag.

                    I used to check a bag for every trip but once I found the Tom Bihn forums I began realizing the wastefulness (for me) of checked bags. I never wore all the clothes and the biggest waste was time waiting in line to check the bags and waiting for bags to get off the plane.

                    With one bag, I’m in and out of airports in a minimal amount of time.

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                      For me it depends on the type of the trip.... I prefer my larger/heavier bag on my back (A45, A30, SA) and a small under the seat bag (ZTshopbag; PT, etc)...
                      I don't seem to travel with a ton of clothes, but I generally have a bunch of work stuff if it's a work trip...and many vacations I end up bringing stuff to people, so it's often a bag in the overhead and one under the seat...
                      I'm on a work trip right now that involves bringing stuff plus work boots and it's such a drag to wear those for a day of travel that I usually bring the A45 partly just to fit the big boots... this trip I'm test packing the new Luminary 15, so I (gasp!) actually brought a wheelie suitcase for all the work stuff and the L15 is on my back.
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                        Lately I've only taken weekend or long weekend trips and my small Yeoman Duffle and Travel Cubelet (EDC purse) have served me incredibly well.

                        For true one-bagging, I can pair my SA with a Side Kick as an Upper Modular Pocket and use it as a purse at my destination. I can also pair the SA/SK with the small YD for very long trips or winter gear.

                        I'm thinking of buying a Luminary 15 or Synapse 19 to pair with the small YD, so I can have a larger daypack at my destination than my TC or SK. But I can count on one hand the number of times I actually needed a smaller backpack; I like the idea of one but it would be something I'd use once in a blue moon.
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                          I only do one bag travel or hybrid when I have to i.e. strict airline policy. Otherwise I am a dedicated two bag traveller. My system is the same as @aedifica‘s: List A is Aeronaut 45, Road Buddy 36, Tristar. List B is S25, Smart Alec or - as of late - L15. As I am rather a maximalist traveller and usually bring a lot of stuff from where I‘ve been, I am becoming a three bag traveller for longer trips using a suitcase (checked), the Tristar as carry-on and one of the backpacks as personal item. I admire all those one bag travellers with their tiny bags. I‘ve tried but I‘m afraid it‘s hopeless...
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                            The reason I'll never be a one bag traveler is that I don't like my EDC to be messed with too much.

                            My EDC is very consciously organized and laid out and I don't like repacking EDC stuff into a travel bag. My current EDC is already a bag-in-bag situation (Travel Cubelet inside a Parental Unit) so any travel bag will be carried on my back while the PU will be separate, either on my shoulder or the stroller.

                            Refusing to repack my EDC means that when I arrive I can drop off my travel bag and be ready to go out on adventures immediately.


                              I'm a Hybrid
                              I plan to downsize it (from Osprey fairview + folding day bag to GES25 + peakdesign field pouch)
                              just a Bihnion here