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Tom Bihn 'The Director's Bag'

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    Tom Bihn 'The Director's Bag'

    Well, I've searched high and low for the one ideal bag to hold an HD flat screen field monitor plus accessories, to be toted in the field for the movie Director.
    Several of my requirements exist is separate bags but none in one 'ideal' bag.
    The contents are generally in the stewardship of the Cameraman, Sound tech or 1st Grip.
    After the camera has been set up for sequence, the monitor is set up, either near or attached to the camera for the cameraman to use or Director to use at whispering distance to the shooter, or a long cable is run to where the director is sitting.
    The bag should be able to carry the monitor, battery assembly, AC/DC adapter, support bracket, HDMI and other cabling, Remote control, Sun shade, headphones (Collapsible Studio Monitors) a hand-held 2-way transceiver, a cellphone etc. Making it an all-in one carry all for the Assistant Director and Director on set.

    Here are the requirements and a link to my DIY Monitor project in progress.


    1) As compact and lightweight as possible
    2) excellent shock protection for the monitor itself even if the support bracket and cabling get only moderate shock protection. A BrainCell quality 'vault'.
    3) Fast accessibility w/ large smooth main zipper
    4) Separate exterior compartments for:
    - Mobile phone (iphone size)
    - Headphones
    - Professional 2-way Radio (1 unit)
    5) Briefcase loading for the main compartment
    6) Fast connect carry handles
    7) Waterproof zippers or drench proof zippers (zipper flap)
    8) Black Ballistic nylon
    9) Lockable main zipper
    10) D-rings for Absolute Shoulder Strap
    11) Compartment for Clip-board or legal size pad holder.
    12) Two external pen holders.
    13) 2 sizes- (A) up to 7" monitors & (B) up to 12" monitors
    13) Under $250 price-point including absolute strap
    OK--- here's the project site....
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    I would assume you have looed at PortaBrace or Kava?



      Interesting project too as I have just read your linked page.
      This is Exactly the kind of fabrication I do frequently as well.

      As I said above,I would look at PortaBrace but they are always blue as far as I know. I have a few bags from them designed for 13" CRT Monitors that would work well it seems for your needs.
      I have found them on Ebay easiiy and cheaply and they will last a long time,I assume you are familiar with them?

      The ones I like have a large main compartment that could easily be divided for briefcase like insertion as you mentioned as well as three or four large,divided exterior pockets.

      They are designed so you can use the monitor from inside the case too and feature the signature PortaBrace Oak Handkes and nice padded shoulder straps.

      PortaBrace is what I travel with in addition to Bihn when I need to carry industrial electronics and am concerned with checking them.

      I also would look at the Pelican Case line.
      I buy them a lot and then compartmentalize as needed.
      They are indestructable,lightweight and reasonable for the protection they provide.

      They have just released a second case with a Vertical orientation as opposed to their traditional Horizontal design that might just do what you want.
      I just got one and have been working with it as a portable Radio "Field Station" and the case is great.
      It is also Wheeled and has a telescopic handle and of course is watertight and will float.

      It is the new 1450.
      The other Vertical model is the 1430 and I have even used one as a Briefcase.

      I also use he 1600 series a lot and I think they will have one in your design range too.

      There are several depths each with the same width and height and some feature whells and handles.

      If you need rugged but not heavy like Anvul style ATA cases,Pelican are great.

      I LOVE CASES,does it show?
      I can stop anytime,but I do not plan to.



        I did look at PortaBrace and Kata. Portabrace have some lovely nested cases. Soft inside a hard so you can ship heavy duty or carry in the field - light weight. Unfortunately, the interior dims don't fit. This case is another nice contender and based on the Petrol Bag I now have for the HV20 kit, I Highly endorse their craftsmanship and attention to detail- very, very nice.


          Update. The Search Is Over.
          In the interest of conservation, I decided to use my Tom Bihn ID bag as the Director's Bag for the 10.9" Field Monitor kit. Everything fits with plenty of room for water bottle, eyewear, small electronics, pens pads etc.
          Only MOD I had to make was to wrap the monitor support arm in a Domke wrap to prevent it from contacting with the Monitor as both ride in the main compartment.
          Next up.... I'm building the 7.2" Monitor kit so I may need a new bag for that!