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Brain Bag works great for business one bag travel

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    Brain Bag works great for business one bag travel

    Just completed a 4 day / 3 night business trip to DC and used only the Brain Bag. It was perfect for my needs.

    How I packed it:
    Front right pocket - Spiff Kit with all my toiletries
    Front left pocket - Small snake charmer with laptop power brick, phone charger, air pods, portable battery, Apple Watch charger
    Front top pocket - keys, electric razor
    Large compartment against back - 15” lap top and iPad in cache, 3 dress shirts and pair slacks in medium eagle creek packing folder (perfect fit), empty laundry sack, empty large travel tray, notebook, Sony n/c headphones in case, hat
    Other large compartment - A45 small pack cube with socks, t shirts, underwear, pullover. A45 end pocket pack cube with size 12 dress shoes
    Note: on the way home I had a fully stuffed laundry sack that fits nicely across the width of the bag in one of the large compartments (in place of the A45 small packing cube).

    I had a 45 minute metro ride from Reagan airport to my hotel with no issues. Once I arrived at hotel I could easily unpack bag, compress sides, and use to carry laptop, notebook, files, as needed. I had the opportunity to walk around the city for a few hours before my flight home. One of the real benefits of this bag vs my A45 is that the padded back and shoulder straps are much more comfortable for this extended walking. The bag did get a bit heavy, but that was to be expected.

    For longer trips I will travel with my A45 (and Pilot when required to take a laptop), but for shorter business trips, the BB is ideal for me. My A45 accessories work very well with the BB. I know a lot of people like the TriStar for business travel, but there are four reasons I don’t: 1) I don’t find that bag much smaller/differentiated from my A45. 2) Getting size 12 shoes to fit inside a TriStar is a challenge. 3) you really need separate packing cube sets for the A45 and TS to make them shine. The A45 packing cubes work really well with the BB. 4) The BB is more versatile because it has full back pack functionality and it can be compressed or expanded to a small or big bag.

    Last weekend I was in London for 2 nights and did almost identically use my Brain Bag. Also having an Aeronaut 45, I used the packing and laundry cubes which fit well. Only packing difference is that I use the front top pocket for the bag of liquids ready for when going through airports.


      I've also had similar experiences with my BB for business travel. Something that worked out fantastic for me was using a ThinkTank My 2nd Brain as my "work bag" which can slide right into one of the BB's large pockets. So in the My 2nd Brain I'd have my MacBook Pro, iPad, AirPods, portable battery, all power bricks and charging cables. Basically all of my electronics go in the My 2nd Brain. And then in the other large BB pocket I use a large packing cube for my clothes. When I get to my hotel I keep the BB in the room and slide out the My 2nd Brain and carry it back and forth to meetings.

      I've also had a Tri-Star and sold it for the same reason as you: shoes. Size 13's just don't work well in it. After selling the TS I got an A45 which I'm very happy with.
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