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I have been eyeing up a Tom Bihn bag for awhile but a few questions

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    I have been eyeing up a Tom Bihn bag for awhile but a few questions

    I am hoping to be able to one bag indefinitely and would like to to only use one bag

    I was originally sold on the Synapse 25 but am not sure if it would fit everything.

    2 pairs of pants
    2 pairs of shorts
    2 Different short sleeve button up shirts
    2 t shirts
    5-6 pairs of boxers
    5-6 pairs of socks
    13' MacBook Pro with cache.
    Birkenstock Milano Sandals
    various cords and cables which would fit in small organizer
    Electric razor and toothbrush and various other small things.

    Now I would be wearing one pair of everything so that might free up some room
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    Folks who've used an S25 will eventually chime in, but I'll throw out my two cents.

    I carried roughly that much stuff in a Shadow Guide during a 10-day trip to Peru, and had some space leftover. Since the SG is larger (31 liters) and you'd be wearing one of everything, I'd guess that you could do it, but without much room for anything else.

    That said, there are people who've travelled indefinitely with an S19, or with even smaller bags.

    Jeremiah Rogers used to be well known among minimalist one-bag travelers. Before he settled down in SF, he travelled for years in bags ranging from a Smart Alec down to only a Daylight backpack. A few of his posts on bags:

    TB Daylight Backpack (16L): A Six Pound Packing List for Two (or more) Weeks on the Road — Jeremiah Rogers

    Before that, Boreas Larkin (18L): Fitting my Life into 18 Liters — Jeremiah Rogers

    And earlier still, a TB Smart Alec (26L): My Around the World Packing List — Jeremiah Rogers

    His bag philosophy: Picking a Bag for Travel — Jeremiah Rogers
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      Hi @WonderingBeaver and welcome to the Forums!

      Depending on the size of your clothes (for instance, jeans take up a lot more room than other types of pants), etc., the S25 and the 36L Brain Bag would both probably work for you.
      The Aeronaut 30 and Road Buddy 36 are also a popular choices, if you're leaning more towards duffel vs backpack as primary carry.
      I personally carry that type of load in an A30 for travel but use a Synapse 19 for an EveryDayCarry (EDC).
      There are some true minimalist packers who only use an S19 for single bag travel/EDC, but that's too small for many folks.

      If you're in the US, it's worth considering buying a couple different options, test packing them in your home, and sending back the one(s) that don't work for you. The return shipping is harder to justify if you're overseas.
      Be sure to check out the FAQ on how to correctly test pack so your bag is returnable:

      If you're overseas, see if you can find someone for a public meet up to check out their bag.
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        I just tossed a similar load into my halcyon S25 to gauge the size for you, and I'd say you'll have more than enough room. That was without packing cubes or really trying to pack well; I just stuffed most everything into the main compartment.

        The bottom pocket is pretty cavernous on the S25 and can hold your sandals, comp charger/cables, razor/dopp kit..

        I wouldn't recommend putting a large water bottle in the center bottle pocket with that load, but otherwise should be good. As others have pointed out, the Guide Pack and Aeronaut would both be spacious, but personally I like the compartmentalization of the Synapse. The Brain Bag would also be a good option as G42 mentioned. It's quite massive, for better or worse.


          Hi @WonderingBeaver!

          Welcome to the forum!

          I agree that the Brain Bag may not be a bad idea, as its capacity lends a bit of flexibility, and the compression straps will compress the pack when it isn't as full. But this is also a reflection of my preference as of late to under-pack a bag than to pack it to its capacity.


            Brain bag. Very tough, large capacity, can cinch it down if you have less stuff.


              I'm a big guy and I took an extended weekend trip recently with almost this exact same loadout but substitute one button-down for a pair of sweatpants and the sandals for a pair of ankle-length boots. I used a Pilot as well, so I 2-bagged it, but I could have 1-bagged it if I wanted to (indeed I originally packed it that way but I decided I wanted to have a smaller bag to walk around town with as well as an in-flight bag that didn't eat all my footroom up).

              I agree with Buffalonian's assessment that you won't have room for pretty much anything else and that others' comments that the Brain Bag is a nice, versatile bag if you want some extra room with the caveat that for me, the Brain Bag is a little too big than I like for EDC due to the fact that it's a little unweildy on busses for me.


                I'm brand new to the Tom Bihn world (just got my Synapse 25 last night!) and I'm planning to stuff a packing cube with a similar amount of stuff for a short trip. It looks like it's gonna fit perfectly with plenty of room to spare.


                  Hi toupee and welcome to the forum! What a great start with a Synapse 25, you gonna love it!
                  ...spread joy in your neighbourhood (and not Corona!)
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