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Brain Cell for Thinkpad W500, with 9-cell battery?

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    Brain Cell for Thinkpad W500, with 9-cell battery?

    The subject says it all. The website tells me what size Cell I need for a standard W500 (size 1), but the 9-cell battery protrudes from the rear another 1/2-3/4".

    Front to back (including battery), the W500 is EXACTLY the same measurement as a 14", non-widescreen T60p with the 9-cell, which fits in a size 3S Cell. It's nearly exactly 11" front of screen to the end of the battery. The 3S cell supposedly is only 10.3" long, but my 9" 14" non-widescreen fits OK in there. I presume the battery is pushing down on the foam suspension a bit, and the velcro doesn't completely overlap, but it's certainly not going anywhere and doesn't feel unsafe.

    Width is nearly exactly 14", and height is around 1.375" tall on the W500.

    I think I'm going to just try the Size 1 - the depth measurement is identical, so if the fit is like the 3S it should work OK...

    Just wanted everyone to know that a Thinkpad W500 (or T500) with extended/9-cell battery does NOT fit in a Size 1. It can sort of work if you cram it down in there really hard, but you're effectively defeating the "suspension" aspect of the case at that point. The velcro doesn't close unless you really work at it.

    I think the reason the 3S worked for my 14" T60p with 9-cell was the larger dimension on the height axis. there was a bit more "slop" in there so the notebook actually sat on an angle inside of the case instead of parallel to the sides, giving it a little bit more space.

    Looks like a 2S is really what I need, but I don't want the laptop to be naked until October...


      Hi bradenmcg,

      Thanks for the update. If you need assistance in exchanging the Size 1 for the 2S, please email me! We'll make sure that you and your laptop are taken care of.
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