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New! #5 Wallet, Super Mini Ghost Whale, and bags in 210d ballistic

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone who has been using the Super Mini Ghost Whale as a wallet been putting it in their front pants pocket?

    Interested to know how the fit is....

    Pilot (Black 1050 Ballistic/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon)
    Empire Builder (Black 1050 Ballistic/Steel 420 Parapack)


      Hi @JoshNYC, welcome to the Forums! I think it would depend a lot on the pants and their pockets, but it would fit easily in any of my pants' front pockets (even the ones with tiny front pockets because the manufacturer thinks women don't need to carry anything).
      I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

      I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


        Hi @JoshNYC,

        The Super Mini Ghost Whale Pouch has a similar outline profile to Nik’s wallet, but because of the zipper placement I tend to use it for items that have some depth rather than being flat — like a small tube of toothpaste. It can be effective as a minimalist wallet if you want mixed contents like a couple of cards, a small key and a few bills. Otherwise, I prefer using Nik’s wallet to more efficiently hold cards (or even a few bills). But if I needed to also hold a key inside, and only had a couple of cards to carry, I might opt for the Super Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch as a substitute. I’m not sure I’d try putting in coins or items that might easily fall out, but a key I could tether to the top snap hook or its O-ring by not completely zipping the top closed.

        For most purposes I like Nik’s wallet. Remember that the Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches come with a snaphook built in.

        Hope this helps, and welcome to the forums,



          Thanks @moriond, thanks @aedifica !
          Pilot (Black 1050 Ballistic/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon)
          Empire Builder (Black 1050 Ballistic/Steel 420 Parapack)