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17" laptop, brain cell, and the Empire Builder

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    17" laptop, brain cell, and the Empire Builder

    My wife has the Dell XPS M170 and wants to get the EB. She is at times a little clumsy so wants to use the brain cell. I understand the M170 would require a 2M brain cell which the EB is not designed to accommodate.

    Question: can the 2M brain cell be 'squozen' into the EB?

    She will be dealing with high end clients so I think a backpack type bag is out of the question.

    Any other suggestions?

    Hi Shaggy!

    I'm afraid the 2M Horizontal Brain Cell won't squeeze into the Empire Builder. The Super Ego is the only bag that fits the 2M. Many customers I've spoken with find that the Super Ego in Black/Black/Steel with a Black or Steel strip works well as a professional bag.
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