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DLBP + Laptop & Gear

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    DLBP + Laptop & Gear

    How workable is this setup for a DLBP?

    14" Laptop + sleeve
    Laptop Charger (smaller ~65w type)
    Side effect
    Small notepad
    Minor misc stuff (phone, keys, etc)

    I'm interested in finding out if I can use DLBP as a packable bag for some business trips where I have more than will fit in my WF but still only carry one, larger bag but I need something to throw my laptop and stuff into when I arrive to take to meetings.

    Would a 14" laptop fit okay?

    What sort of weight can the straps handle before they are uncomfortable?

    Depending on the bulkiness of the laptop sleeve, I think a 14-inch laptop would fit. I recently used my DLBP to haul my 13.3-inch laptop without issue. My setup included:

    Main compartment:

    -13.3-in laptop without cache or sleeve
    -Medium Tri-Star Packing Cube with 2 days of clothes, secured into the lower elasticated pouch
    -3DOC with toiletries in the upper elasticated pouch

    Outer pocket:

    -3DOC with laptop charger (medium-sized wafer-type) and mouse
    -Small Q-kit with small electronics cables, extra AA batteries, small flashlight, headphones, pen
    -Hard sunglasses case with eyeglasses and sunglasses

    This was a snug fit, but not overly so. Given that your loadout is the same, minus clothes and a 3DOC, and substituting a Side effect for the other 3DOC, I think your stuff would easily fit.

    The straps were not uncomfortable for me with this load. (6'1", 215)

    If they did a DLBP-style backpack that was about 20L, it would be my favorite backpack ever.


      I think that load will easily fit in a DLBP.

      I have a Dell Latitude 7480 (13 in x 8.7 in x 0.7 in). I carry it in a 15D cache (external measurement: 15.04 in x 10.63 in x 0.89-1.5 in). I use a No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack for charger, mouse, cables. I also use a medium Double Organizer Pouch, Pen/Tool Wrap, and a 8 in x 5.5 in notebook. I also put my Travel Cubelet in there most of the time. I've carried it with this load plus a packing cube with 2 days of clothes and sandals.

      I have never packed the bag in a bag but I know a lot of other folks do.

      I made this comment on another thread. The size of the cache I use is at the top limit of what will fit in the DLBP, which is why I listed the external measurement. Much taller and the zipper will not close without issue.


        That's a similar load to what I used to carry in a DLBP for work, only my laptop was 13". I usually carried a Travel Cubelet or a Small Cafe Bag too, not because I needed the additional space but because I wanted to be able to reach certain things without taking off my backpack. It worked pretty well for my commute at the time.

        The straps stayed comfortable the whole time with that load; there must be some point at which they become uncomfortable, but I haven't found it so far.
        I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

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          Thanks for the replies everyone. Now just need to wait for the right color to come back.


            Originally posted by hachkc View Post
            Thanks for the replies everyone. Now just need to wait for the right color to come back.
            Out of curiosity, which color are you waiting for?

            Personally, I would love to grab that Burnt Orange one.


              Black halcyon