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Luminary 12 vs original

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    Luminary 12 vs original

    I seem to remember a post somewhere saying that the L12 is slightly deeper than the original to accommodate the side pockets. Am I imagining this?!?
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    @Traveltech, I don't remember such a thing, though it's possible I missed it. What I remember is that the section surrounded by decorative piping (the very front of the bag) is narrower than on the original because of the deeper side pockets.

    Actually, I wonder if you're thinking about this post--does that look familiar? That post does say "It looks like it's 0.25-0.5" deeper" but it's in reference to the pocket being deeper, not the Luminary itself.

    In that same thread, @moriond does a better job of explaining the change than I did at the beginning of this post:
    Originally posted by moriond View Post
    Yes, the pockets of the new L12 are bigger than the original. They moved the curved seam edges further in from the sides, and they also made the label in the center panel smaller. Because the piping color matches, the narrower center section is not as noticeable. But, for instance, the Ghost Whale Pouch that I hang from the side pocket o-rings of the new L12 would have been too wide to fit into the original L12.


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