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    I am SO EXCITED for this bag.

    Just this morning I was packing for an overnight trip in my L15, wishing I had a backpack that had the laptop compartment of my L15, and the external water bottle pocket of my S19. Of course, the panel of external pockets on the S19 means the main compartment is smaller than the L15's main compartment. And the L15 taught me I love an open main compartment in a travel bag, although I love the compartments on my S19 as a work bag...

    Anyway, in my moment of goldilocks perfectionism, I went so far as to check out LL Bean to see if they had a bag that would meet all my desires and of course they did not, so I logged onto the forms to add something about an external water bottle pocket to the wish list and, lo, there's a post about a 22 liter bag with an external water bottle pocket and a laptop compartment! I don't have strong feelings about a clamshell opening, but can I just reiterate here how much I love an external water bottle pocket? I LOVE an external water bottle pocket, and Tom Bihn makes the only one that's in the MIDDLE of the bag, not just tacked onto the side to make it lopsided.

    Basically, what I'm saying here is that an S22 could be the bag of my dreams for 1 or 2 night trips where my A30 is overkill.

    Looking forward to pictures and reviews! (But I already know I'll be buying this bag no matter what they say.)


      I'm very excited, not only did countron pick me - but I also got my first choice in colour! (Aubergine)

      I'm sure there are going to be lots of questions to answer here
      Proud owner of a Synik 22 (Aubergine/Northwest Sky), a Medium Café Bag (Alphaviolet), and a whole host of accessories.


        Would have been great to be lucky enough to get a review bag, but I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the pre-orders.


          Long time lurker/Tom Bihn watcher, but I couldn't take the plunge on the Synapse without a laptop compartment.

          Countron picked me, and just in time. I'll be doing a motorcycle trip from Berkeley to Minnesota and I plan to review the bag along the way, using it to store my laptop and clothes. Doing ten hour days in the saddle, camping on BLM lands, and living the coffee shop workspace life while I'm in MN. Should be a decent mix of activities to help see what the Synik is made of!


            Originally posted by 19 Liter Life
            Got mine. Didn't get picked but I'm happy for everyone that did! Darcy, is the Synik coming out in August for sure? Maybe a Nordic Halcyon run before its retired, perhaps?
            Yes, August for sure. Here’s the timeline:

            August 6th: Pages for the Synik 22 and 30 go live (photos, video, description, specs)
            August 13th: Pre-order opens / remains open until 08/20 unless either size of Synik sells out
            August 20th: Pre-order closes
            Estimated ship date: Late October

            As for Nordic: I too thought it’d be great to add a Nordic option but we don’t have quite enough Nordic fabric left to offer it in Syniks, sadly.

            Originally posted by linh.n View Post
            Wait, I did? I only entered to the 30 as not to potentially disqualify, heh.
            I meant: we recorded one entry from you. Some people entered to review both the Synik 22 and 30. It occurred to us that we could provide additional information about laptop fit and rolling luggage handle fit that might influence whether someone chose to review the 22 or the 30. So, what we ended up doing was collecting all of the email addresses just once per address, having Countron randomly select the 10 people, and then we emailed each person w/the sizing information and asked them if they’d prefer to review a 22 or a 30. Hope that makes sense.

            Originally posted by 19 Liter Life
            Also, I guess we will need to use all of the 8 included zipper pull cords that come with the bag now, since there is an additional zipper for the side laptop compartment. Or will you be including an additional as a backup?

            Also What are those white loops you have on the new laptop pocket? I saw them in the picture on the now deleted reddit post.

            Also looks a little confusing with the Rail Loops + O-Rings, but who knows.

            And does the laptop pocket feature an O-Ring? Might be a cool idea, since people can use it as a passport stashing spot in a organizer pouch, etc.

            Just idea's in my head, from using these Synapses to carry EVERYTHING I OWN all over the world for years and years.
            For efficiency / procedural reasons, we stick to the 8 Cord Zipper Pulls. So, it’ll be 8 included with the Synik. No extras.

            White loops: included and removable tie-down straps. Seemed like a good idea to add these to the main compartment of the Synik — esp. necessary for those who don’t want to use Packing Cubes.

            One set of rail loops does remain in the Synik just in case someone wants to carry two laptops / have one laptop in a Cache. And we added that additional o-ring above the open-top pocket in the main compartment because someday, who knows, maybe we’ll design an organizational pouch for that spot that connects to both O-rings.

            No O-rings in the laptop compartment. I can see why you’d want that; I also wonder if people would feel iffy about it touching their laptops? But, really, it’s a plastic piece and shouldn’t scratch.

            Originally posted by Zia Sun View Post
            Awesome! Just submitted my email for a Synik 30. Will these all be coming in black?
            Yes! There will be a number of Black exterior options:
Black 525 Ballistic/NW Sky 200 Halcyon
            Black 525 Ballistic/Island 200 Halcyon
            Black 525 Ballistic/Cloud 210 Ballistic
            Black 525 Ballistic/Coyote 210 Ballistic
            Black Parapack/Steel Parapack
            Black 400 Halcyon/NW Sky 200 Halcyon

            Originally posted by BigBadD View Post
            Looks to be an interesting new bag. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I am curious what is the origin of the Synik name?
            Here’s an excerpt from the Synik description that explains the name:

            Oh… what’s with the name, you may be wondering? We came up with Synik as a play on words and a way to tease Nik about how everything he designs is going to have his name in its name (after*Nik’s Minimalist Wallets). Unfortunately for Nik, the name stuck: it’s a name that acknowledged this is mostly still a Synapse — yet, it’s updated with various new features, mostly designed/patterned/made real by Nik, with feedback and collaboration with Tom.

            And while our Company Philosophy doesn’t have much to do with lower-case-c cynicism, there’s much to contemplate about as we consider capital-c Cynicism. Many of us can find something to appreciate or ponder in this oft-quoted remark of Diogenes:

            “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

            To us, being a citizen of the world means we belong to our families, local communities and humanity as a whole. It means treating everyone with equal measures of respect, and to be comfortable in all settings and with all people: to not think of ourselves as separate for better or for worse and to maintain the ability to relate to one another. And as we think the Cynics would point out, this certainly leaves room for critical thinking, constructive criticism, meaningful debate and even satire: paired with genuine care for each other and the world around us, each can be a powerful tool for good.*

            “Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.”
― Diogenes
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              Sneaky question: are there any plans to do something similar with the BB?

              The Synapse is hard to use as a travel bag, since the outside pockets take-up space that is otherwise not useable by the main compartment. For folks not traveling with multiple smaller items, it's wasted. And for those putting our valuables in there, it's easily accessible and easy to open.
              The Synik has the same features.

              By contrast, the BB has two large compartments already, and its outside pockets are harder to access but don't necessarily take-up space due to the compression straps. A clamshell BB with a converted second compartment as a dedicated laptop + tech space, perhaps a little narrower (my arms and elbows bump into the bag when I carry it) would be, for me, the perfect 1-bag travel backpack.

              The Synik seems more like my girlfriend's perfect bag... she loves the S25! She also carries a lot more smaller items which fit in the pockets much better


                Originally posted by 19 Liter Life
                Darcy, thanks for answering all of my questions!!! Luckily I have a ton of Synapses to hold me over until I can get my hands on a Synik!
                Glad to!

                I've answered the question posted by @pott over in this new thread for Synik questions and info.
                Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                  So glad to be able to review this awesome looking bag, especially since school starts soon and would love to see if and/or this helps me with my subbing/teaching. Can’t wait.

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                    Congrats to all who are set to receive these new bags!! I look forward to your reviews. Love the video Darcy posted from PackHackr. The 22 looks like an amazing flight bag. I’ve already got it packed in my mind for our..oh dear... September safari. Ha!
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                      Ah! I wish I saw this sooner to throw my hat in to review the backpack. But, it already looks like one I’m going to get. I have an older Synapse 19 and always felt like I needed to upgrade to the 25. I’m most curious to see how the bag could be used with my photography equipment.


                        I am very lucky that countron also selected me.
                        I can't wait to review the Synik and can help with any questions that need answered.