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Goldilocks and the Three Bags at the Mother Ship. Daylight Briefcase!

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  • gadgets
    DLBC is the first bag (black halcyon as yours) I bought from TB, and honestly, it has been the most useful bag along with the DLBP that I bought later.

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  • Seesul
    Absolutely AMAZING review! This is the reason I love this forum. Fantastic writer, a great example of why this forum is my favorite. Thank you for taking the time to post that. I loved the responses as well.

    I don't live near the mother ship, but this kind of review makes selecting products so much either.

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  • G42
    I have one in Original black and one in the new Nordic - they're fantastic bags! I bring one on trips when I want a walk-around town bag that isn't a backpack. They hold a surprising amount of stuff.

    They pack pretty flat when empty, so work well to bring along in an A30, etc.

    I use that front slant pocket for paper maps/brochures/receipts, that sort of thing. The 16oz plastic Nalgene bottles can stand upright inside... I usually carry one of those, some snacks, a Kindle, a compact umbrella, sunshirt, battery pack, etc. I can even stuff my fleece in, but it makes the bag look like a balloon.

    The 'briefcase' in the name may prevent some folks considering it as a day bag, but I find it great for that.

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  • Kevin
    I have recently been enjoying the DLBC a bunch as well. I bought it last year with the intent of using it as a laptop bag while I travel, but I never had a need for it and it sat on the shelf for a while.

    Then last month we flew with my son for the first time and I needed something a little bigger than the co pilot I normally take. The DLBC was my personal item on the plane and our day bag once we got there.

    I have been using it ever since and love just about everything. It’s a great diaper bag for toddlers because it perfectly holds a snake charmer stuffed with diapers standing up on end. A side effect full of hot wheels also fits right next to the snake charmer with enough room left over for a water bottle and some snacks.

    I also have it in the black halcyon and really love that combo. It’s my first bag in the 400d halcyon and I like it way more than I thought I would. I have been wondering if TB makes a better day bag for what I have been doing with the DLBC. The MCB and Maker’s Bag in Halcyon have peeked my interest but the MCB seems like it might be to narrow and the Makers bag seems just a little too big.

    Anyone else have a similar experience with the DLBC feeling just right?

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  • Go Navy
    Great choice, Goldilocks! I have one...in blue.

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  • Goldilocks and the Three Bags at the Mother Ship. Daylight Briefcase!

    I sold some luggage over the weekend and the plan was to invest part of that in some new TB accessories. I have the pleasure and temptation of living in the same city as the TB Mother Ship and made a trek there this morning. I have been experimenting with day/boarding bags and thought the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag might be a good option. I wanted light and simple and the PCSB is certainly that.

    I have used a Maker's Bag and found it very good, but I wanted a bit smaller and zippered closures, especially for under the seat where I am guaranteed to dump something out, turning me into a contortionist at 30,000 feet. So I went to the store and had a good look at the PCSB and the rest of the offerings. I found the Daylight Briefcase which had never really come up on my radar for some reason. It is light at 9.4oz on my scale in the Black 400 Halcyon (with no straps, etc) and everything zips shut with many double sliders so they can be tethered shut with a mini carabiner. I found place to park my phone, tablet, notepad and some organizer pouches. I can carry it crossbody while wearing a backpack and it will hold enough to suit me but small enough to resist hanging too much over a shoulder. It has zero padding, which I like as the bag will wrap around my hip where a heavily padded and structured bag rides like a plank. it will make a very good street bag and under-the-radar camera bag. And it has a back pocket-- something I like for guide books, maps, a bandanna, gloves, etc. There's an interesting horizontal pocket across the front with a vertical zipper. I haven't invented a "eureka" use for that yet, although I could see a slim water bottle with a *tight* lid sitting in there. It could hold a book or an ultralight wind shell. Also, I think the Black Halcyon is the Pinstripe Suit of luggage

    Now I need to go somewhere!
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