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Merry Synik Days!

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    Merry Synik Days!

    Originally posted by Fabrice View Post
    ...wish you a merry Synik Day!
    Merry Synik Day! It's a new international holiday!!! This is no simple one day holiday, no, it's a multi-month festival.

    1. July: Behold the fantabulous design. Accolades to both Tom and Nik.

    2. August: Select your color combinations and pre-order. TBAS sets in.

    3. September: I predict much enabling as we all add to our order before shipping day.

    4. October: A multitude of events to celebrate. There is Shipping Day, TBAS in overdrive as we obsessively track the package, and finally much adoration on Unboxing Day!

    5. November: Test packing before the winter holiday travel season.

    Did I forget anything? How do you celebrate this holiday?

    And there was much rejoicing! elisa

    Note: TBAS is Tom Bihn Acquisition Syndrome.

    2.5 August:

    Express gratitude for having a job that allowed you to order a Synik within minutes of it going on sale.

    Send compassionate healing thoughts to all the people who quite reasonably thought they'd have more than one day to decide on a color.

    Prepare a presentation for your therapist detailing how your obsessive tracking of the Synik's rollout produced tangible benefits; demand that she apologize for calling it "your Tom Bihn problem."