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S25 lower pocket - How would iphone and eyeglasses case fare?

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    S25 lower pocket - How would iphone and eyeglasses case fare?

    I’ve got an S19 and S25 (soon to add an s22) and need some organizational suggestions. My packs’s side pockets are full of misc items I where I want easy access. I store 16 oz water bottle and umbrella in the long front pocket and in the short one, a minimalist wallet and car fob.

    I’m struggling to decide where to store my extra iPhone and second eyeglasses case — and I don’t need either in transit. From a storage perspective, one ideal place would be in the lower pocket as, right now, it’s under utilized. I’ve hesitated, though, out of concern of the weight of the middle pockets sitting on them.

    Does anyone store their cell phone and or eyeglasses case in the lower pocket? I’d love insights into how those items are faring.

    Another option is to move my umbrella into the lower pocket and put my eyeglasses case in the long middle, with my iphone in a side pocket. I have the same questions about how an umbrella does in the lower pocket.
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    I used to keep an umbrella in my lower pocket. Seems fine. The only reason it's gone is... I got tired of the weight and can make do with a light rain jacket instead. I would not keep a phone in there. I feel like that's the easiest place for it to break. Eye glasses... depends on the case. I would probably be fine with a hard case.


      My spare glasses are always in a hard case during travel because the prescription is expensive. The hard case can be stowed anywhere and is perfectly safe.

      The lower front pocket of any Synapse has the potential for squishing the contents, so I haven't put my phone there. If you had a hard case to stow the phone, where it is completely sealed and covered, I think the phone would be fine.

      Good luck! elisa


        The lower pocket is actually quite spacious. I’ve put down puff jacket in there. It’s held my toiletries bag, raincoat, snacks. Ive out a large snake charmer in it. It would definitely hold an umbrella along with an iPhone. The only thing I’d worry about is the security of having an expensive electronic device in easy access of others, so I wouldn’t put it in there while traveling.

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          I have an S25 that I use as my EDC. In the lower pocket I always carry a small umbrella, a spare pair of eyeglasses in a hard case and a TB 2nd Aid Kit with a variety of items. In my experience, it is been safe to keep the eyeglasses there BUT only if I’m using a sturdy, hard case, which I do. The eyeglass case I use has actually gotten a bit warped due to the weight of what’s being carried in the bag. But the glasses were/are fine and I in fact continue to carry the spare pair of glasses in that pocket with no harm to the glasses.