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    Modify my Pilot...

    I have started carrying the Pilot daily and its great. Nearly perfect bag. The one think I think about everyday though, is that the two front pockets are too deep. Perhaps this isn’t the case with he Copilot, but I put a lot in the front pockets and it all seems to sink to the bottom and get lost.

    In a perfect world, I would divide one of the pockets with a horizontal zipper. It would give me a lower pocket and upper pocket. Anyone else have this thought?

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    It's a neat idea but I love how deep the pockets are for my own use! Very versatile.

    Have you tried getting an organizer pouch or ghost whale and clipping it in the front pockets? I've seen some people do that to help keep their gear/kits/whatever organized. Last time I traveled and had some small items (pills, ear plugs, etc.) attempt to get lost I clipped a Q-kit into the front Pilot. Made it easy to find what I wanted on the plane!

    Good luck - glad you like the bag.


      I do something similar. I clip small organizer pouches to the O-rings on each side, and also use Size 1 stuff sacks to organize small bits and make the best use of the deep space in the pockets. I love this bag!


        The Cubelets and Travel Cubelets work well in the front Pilot pockets for smaller items.
        I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


          I use a cubelet with battery pack, cords and plugs and earbuds in one pocket of my Copilot. When needed, I can put small stuff in on top where they are quick to grab. But I guess that only works because I already carry those items...


            I like using the "depth" of the front pockets of my Co-Pilot for rarely-used but "just in case" stuff:

            -- power bank for my iPhone

            -- first aid kit

            -- sani-wipes

            -- gemstone of the day tucked inside its purple velvet pouch (yes I'm one of those strange birds)

            -- my vintage Tupperware travel salt shaker (filled with Himalayan pink salt, of course)