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Cheap packable backpack replacement

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    Cheap packable backpack replacement

    Hi everyone!

    I have a cheap packable backpack from target. I would like to find a replacement for it of better quality.

    The bag I am looking to replace is a bright turquoise blue with hot pink accents and folds up into its own pocket.

    I want to be able to pack it away for storage and during travel pull it out to use for walking around.

    I have looked at DLBP and the A45PCBP (in halcyon). Are there any other backpacks to look at? They don’t have to be TB bags, just light weight and easily packed in another bag.

    Thanks for the help.

    Knalla backpack - IKEA
    Material is nice and sturdy. Have been using the tote version for grocery bags approx 2 years.
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      Depends on what your definition of cheap is... I have this LL Bean Stowaway packable pack that I take traveling. I prefer it over the TB DLBP because it has external water pockets... it probably won't last as long, but I only use it when I travel, so it will last a very long time for me.

      I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


        I prefer the DLBP but Eddie Bauer has a Stowaway backpack with external water bottle holders and is fairly sturdy.

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          I think TB makes much better packable bags if you need good organization.

          If you don't, my go-to has always been the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack. I've recently just got a Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano Pack and am anxious to see how that holds up. They pack about the size of a tangerine, or a golf ball, respectively.


            Flip & Tumble have a couple of packable backpacks. Scroll down to the bottom for the most packable backpack.


            I keep their 24x7 totebags in every Sidekick, just in case I need a grocery bag in a pinch. I carry my TB shop bags when I know I'm going shopping, but the Flip & Tumble bags fold up into the size of a deck of cards, so I just keep them stowed away in various bags.


              I like the Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack. Sturdy enough for every day carry, folds into the upper pocket and can be used as a fanny pack or man bag (purse).


                I have two Deuter Wizards (although the older style with the centre zip) that both me and the gf use as day packs and they work very well. I usually use it as my personal item on carry-on flights too.

                I sometimes also put in one of those super packable cheap shopping bags in it as extra


                  I have an Osprey Ultralight. It folds into a very small built-in pouch that you can slide into a pant pocket, so it's truly packable.



                    I don’t personally have any experience with one, but I’ve seen several travel bloggers use a Tortuga packable backpack; https://www.tortugabackpacks.com/pro...ckable-daypack

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                      I have the same 20L & 30L Eddie Bauer packable backpacks. I like them both. Decent quality & exterior water bottle pockets. I purchased super cheap on Amazon.

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                        I like the In and Out from Mystery Ranch. 19 liters; compression straps and a sternum strap; two zippered external pockets and a water bottle pocket; and an excellent quality build with a strong warranty. It's as comfortable to carry as any packable backpack could be.

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                          I think the Sea-to-summit ultra-sil is the best bet for packable. I don't really consider Bihn gear "packable", more multipurpose. It's generally durability overkill for a day bag.

                          My go to is the PCBP, mostly because it makes it easier to pack my WF, so easily fits my need for "multipurpose".


                            Originally posted by imperator View Post
                            I think the Sea-to-summit ultra-sil is the best bet for packable.
                            I've never seen one in person, but as far as I can tell from their web site the ultra sil day back has no external or external organization of any kind. It seems to be just a 20L zippered bag with backpack straps. Am I missing something?


                              The Osprey Stuff Pack is my choice and doubles as a laundry bag. It has a water bottle pocket too, which was a real plus for me.

                              Do check out the Tom Bihn Packing Cube Backpacks. It will be a bit heavier but far more durable and comfortable. You certainly don't have to use them in the exact bag they are made for. TB is good on having all the dimensions listed.