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Utility tote question

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    Utility tote question

    I'm assuming the Utility Tote is too short for what I'm looking for, but thought I'd check just in case. Trying to find a shoulder bag to carry an oddly-shaped bulky item, and I tried it out in a grocery tote & found that it was quite comfortable with the straps at full length so that only half my hand extends past the bottom of the bag, plus that length lets me have the bag pushed back behind my arm toward my back a bit which is good for walking, but if I shorten the straps so that part of my lower arm extends past the object in the bottom of the bag it's not comfortable at all. The grocery tote is 15" tall plus straps that are 11" tall (a little shorter once they're over my arm). I can't tell how tall the Utility Tote is when the straps are factored in, but I'm guessing much less than that. When you carry it over your shoulder, where does the bottom of the bag fall on you? Does much of your arm extend past it? Do you pretty much have to keep the tote tucked under your arm, or could it be a bit behind it?

    In case anyone is curious what odd object I'm trying to accommodate:

    I'm carrying it sideways in the bag, so that my arm passes by the narrower scooped-in part. Now you know why I'm inclined toward a water-resistant bag and not a canvas grocery sack On stroller days the potty travels happily in the stroller basket, but our baby is finally big enough to happily tolerate the Ergo Carrier, so we're looking for a potty tote for long walks. This is one specialized item that probably isn't on Tom's to-do list, too bad!

    I think the utility tote is larger than you think it is. On my shoulder it hangs down to around my hip.

    I do find though that the utility tote works best with some weight in it to keep it stable on my shoulder - if its too light it flaps about and falls off my shoulder. And if there are any smells the utility tote won't contain them.

    I've just hung a utility tote on a door handle and measured - with no weight it's 21 inches from handle to the flat bottom of the bag. With weight (which will make the padded part curve around your shoulder or doorknob) it's 24 inches long.

    I hope this helps!

    Good luck with the toilet training.



      Thanks for the great answer to slinstar's question, falconea.
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        Thanks! Sounds like it would be long enough, but maybe bigger overall than I need. I'll try out other options first.