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All these wonderful goodies on their way to me- what did you get?

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    I got a Monster Truck in Aubergine and a Ghost Whale in seapine. I wanted to get a Pika in seapine but it sold out so fast! I was on at exactly 11am EST and it was taken out of my cart.


      Originally posted by lindsay View Post
      I got a Monster Truck in Aubergine and a Ghost Whale in seapine. I wanted to get a Pika in seapine but it sold out so fast! I was on at exactly 11am EST and it was taken out of my cart.
      Same here! Wish the system allowed you to hold in your cart until checkout can be accomplished. Not everyone has high speed Internet service.
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        Originally posted by jrs View Post
        Glad I signed up for the email notifications! They came in at 3 minutes before the hour so I was able to get what I wanted: Icon in seapine, PIKA in black, and a couple super mini, color zip GWPs.
        Wow, good tip for next time, had no idea!


          I started shopping at 8 on the dot and got the things I wanted. I knew there would be cart jacking, so I checked out immediately to get the ICON. I'm doing local pickup though, so YMMV.

          I went back and got a Pika and HLT2 together. Maybe that will help someone who's trying for the afternoon update. If you're ordering an ICON specifically, I'd be signed in and ready to checkout asap after adding it to cart.


            Yep, I went out to shovel thinking I had plenty of time to spare. Nope. My color choices were already gone by half past. I'm in no rush, though, so I'll probably just wait for things to be restocked. Just means I won't have an Icon for my Disney trip next week, and I'll get one more use out of my crappy old bag before I donate it.


              My apologies to everyone who was not able to place orders for the items you wanted.... I'm glad we split the debut so at least there is another chance.

              More soon! Helping out here answering chats and stuff, but feel free to live chat us with immediate questions or ask here and we can respond in a bit.
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                I purposely did NOT order any of the pouches, as they take longer to choose and select. My checkout screen had to be refreshed too for some reason, thought for sure I lost something, then it stuttered on order conf screen! Relieved the order went through. It was a small one, but got the basics that I wanted for xmas gifts.

                Interestingly enough, the MT sold out and the PUT is still available in lots of colors! did not expect that.


                  I had the icon page up at 10:45am est and refreshed a few minutes before 11am est and it was available to purchase.

                  I grabbed a nebulous icon, cloud/viridian small cafe bag (for comparison) and a steel synik 30 (to try out). It sounds like I got lucky (minus the $455 I spent.) Good luck to everyone doing the afternoon orders.

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                    I was able to grab the Steel/Navy Synik that I wanted, but the Seapine HL2 was gone before I could checkout. I'll try again later. Happy for TB's success, I'm sure I'll get what I'm looking for eventually.

                    Also ordered a bunch of Christmas gifts, but they weren't of new releases.


                      I got a Travel Cubelet in Seapine - great color!


                        Three Icon colors were sold out at 8am. Why would they become available before the specified time?
                        Today is a good day for a good day!


                          I picked up a deep blue Pick-up Truck and a saffron gold Shepherd's Cloth. Very excited about these! I didn't try for a Monster Truck, but I am amazed how fast those all sold out.
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                            Originally posted by ecbsoh View Post
                            Managed to get Pika (Nebulous Grey & Black) but Logic Blue in Cart gone before I can press Pay. Added Icon Logic Blue and Nebulous Grey into Cart but Sold out before I can press Pay. Amazed at the speed of Icon being Sold Out. Logic Blue is another hot colour which goes with the wind before I can press Pay.
                            It could have been that two of the mods who were posting pictures of the Icon had both chosen Logic Blue (to explain why the color went so quickly in the Icon). It's easier to decide on a color option that you like when you can confirm it through pictures. I saw pictures of the Icon in Mars Red/Northwest Sky that one of the Ravelry mods had, and I liked the way that looked.

                            ETA: I got the HLT1 in Black Ballistic and the HLT2 in Logic Blue plus a few of the smaller size Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches with colored zippers.
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                              I feel quite fortunate. I didn't know how it all worked but I decided to concentrate on just the travel cubelets. I put a mars red one in my cart about ten minutes before the hour and then chose seapine and kept hitting refresh until it showed as available. I added that to my cart and then went back and added a logic blue one. I was able to check out without anything disappearing.

                              If I'd realized that the shopping cart had no grace period at all I wouldn't have gone back for the logic blue so I guess my ignorance worked in my favor for once. Possibly the combination of existing item/new color was less popular than new item/new color would have been.

                              I'm really looking forward to the seapine especially. I don't have a really good idea of what logic blue is like. The pictures all looked different and each picture looked different on each of my devices (laptop, tablet, and phone).


                                I was able to get a Pika and the HLT 1& 2's as well as a few classic items. The last thing I added to my cart was an Icon but before I could start entering my CC numbers it switched to sold out (while it was in my cart). I'll have to try again later.