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Freudian Slip + Brain Cell in a Smart Alec?

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    Freudian Slip + Brain Cell in a Smart Alec?

    I've got a first gen Smart Alec and a vertical Brain Cell that lives inside all the time, and snake charmer that comes along when I need to carry all the AC adapters etc.

    I love it but I could use a couple of more pockets. Is the Freudian Slip going to work in this setup? Is there a way to secure it to the Brain Cell?

    Also, what's the best way to clean the outside? My Alec's got a few black marks and is starting to look a little grungy after nine months in the field

    thanks in advance

    I can't speak for how it will work in the Smart Alec, but I love my Freudian Slip. I use it in my ID as my "mobile office organizer" with folders, slim notebooks, pens, pencils, change for the snack machine, etc.

    There are two great things I love about the Slip. First, it keeps your papers and folders from getting mashed & folded in an otherwise soft storage area. Second, you can pull out your "mobile office" and leave it at home (in one organized piece) if you are heading out for a recreational trip, rather than pulling out all of your business essentials each time you take off for a weekend.

    While I can't speak to the fit in the Smart Alec, this accessory turned out to be a very unexpected suprise. It's well worth it, in my opinion.

    Hope that helps!
    Bob P.
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      I agree with MagicTiki: the Freudian Slip is great for adding extra organization and pockets to a bag. You can't secure it to the Brain Cell or the Smart Alec, but I think you'll find that you won't need to: it doesn't move around inside of the bag, really.

      As for cleaning the outside exterior of your Smart Alec...have you tried a wet wash cloth with a little bit of dish soap? That usually takes care of it. You might want to consider applying a coat of Nikwaxat some point, depending on how old your bag is and if you are out and about in rain often. (It's not necessary to buy the Nikwax from us - you can find it in any outdoor store.)
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        I tested a new SA with a FS (and brain bag) and it fit fine but when I tried to put water in the side pockets it would all "smush" together with the FS. In the end I had to use two hands, one to hold the FS in place and the other to guide the water bottle into the pocket, just so the FS wasn't folding over. But other than that the FS was a nice addition to the SA because of the pockets and such.
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