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    Thirding the desire for an all-fabric Double Organizer Pouch.

    Originally posted by Senua View Post
    It's both texture and potential privacy preference for me, depending on how I'm using them.

    I have CQPC that I use to hold most of my knitting supplies (stitch markers, interchangeable needles, etc). Almost everything is in some sort of case already and some of those stick to the clear sides. Plus much of it is organized front to back in the compartments, so I can't see everything anyway.

    I used a DOP as a cash wallet with the coins and other miscellany in the front. I found I really didn't like having that clear window for anyone around to see what was in there.
    Similar here. I carry a COW every day because I love them, but I only keep non-wallet-standard items in the clear section (barrettes, hair tie, toothpick, occasional pills) because I don't like having my ID visible whenever I pull out my wallet. I've tried keeping a Metrocard or train tickets in the clear plastic section, but since that section is more grippy by design, as you point out, it's just not convenient for sliding things out quickly, especially while still inside your pocket.

    I've gone to buy DOPs a number of times but stopped because I'd forgotten there's no all-fabric option.

    I'd also love a Pen/Pencil size all-fabric DOP.


      A Synik without the laptop compartment.

      A collection of shopping bags similar to Bagpodz or BeeGreen that roll/squeeze into a tiny pouch so you can keep several of them in your EDC bag without minding the bulk on days you don't shop.


        Greetings. First time on the forum.

        Wish List:

        1). Yoga Bag (mat, mat towel, water bottle, accessories)
        2). Small, EDC pocket carrier with external pockets for phone, pens, multi-tool with ability to attached to O-ring.
        3). Boot/Mud Mat. Use when taking off muddy boots or waders or when leaving the beach before getting into vehicleand/or putting on before getting into vehicle


          Pink halcyon fabric


            Originally posted by CC2 View Post
            Greetings. First time on the forum.
            Welcome to the Forums @CC2!
            I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


              Originally posted by GoStanford View Post
              Pink halcyon fabric
              Yes please!


                I'd love to see the SA return in

                1. a pre order run in halcyon

                2. In a GE version with a modified SK that has two webbing strips on each side to attach to the modular pocket straps.

                3. Or a smaller SA that is same height and width but slightly less deep offered with the same SK as above


                  Originally posted by GoStanford View Post
                  Pink halcyon fabric


                    Pen wrap with WIDER slots and in the 210d balistic


                      Bring back a new and improved Messenger ID

                      I'll just keep posting it once a year or so...

                      I love my Messenger ID bag. It's been to three continents, and flown about 400,000 miles since I got it years ago.
                      I love the external water bottle holder - a must for quick access to a drink when stuffed in a hot London tube or subway. I love the separate space for the laptop. I love having clips to hold various other TB organizer pouches. It's the perfect bag, and I remain terrified of having it stolen or lost because they just don't make them anymore.

                      I just looked, and it's not even on the retired designs page. It's like they are trying to erase history. But it was real ! I still have it ! Carry it every day !

                      It's a wish list, so I can wish, right !
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                        a more standard tote


                          Originally posted by sneezeallday View Post
                          a more standard tote
                          Welcome to the Forums @sneezeallday!

                          What are the features and things that you're looking for - what is a 'standard tote' to you?
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                          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


                            still wishing for a backpackable tote (over the shoulder + over the both shoulders bag ) between 12 and 21L
                            just a Bihnion here


                              XXS Shipping box to be 1/2 inch longer to allow 8.5x11 paper to fit perfectly inside. Almost everyone has papers to retain so this would broaden the reusability for many people.

                              "It's not a shoe box, it's a Tom Bihn box" may not be acceptable reply to the tax accountant, but in your heart of hearts you know it is better built and more organized.


                                USPS shipping to Canada for orders over $50.