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    I’m wishing for the new Halcyon interior colors to be paired with the last Original Halcyon before it’s retired! I have no idea what the colors are, but I really want some more Original Halcyon before it’s gone for good (and I don’t like UV and Island and am ambivalent about Wasabi).

    I’m also wishing for a super packable grocery bag, made of similar material as the Travel Pillow perhaps. No padded handles or anything necessary, I just want an extra bag that is small enough to be carried around even in a SCB without a problem.

    And I’m wishing for a sling bag with a compartment for an iPad and room for a midsized camera with one lens attached. Like the L12 in size maybe, with the padded back pocket. Then with a zipper and side access, so that you can swivel the bag around and access the camera pocket from above. And another one or two pockets for wallet, phone keys and a small water bottle. That would be awesome!


      I hadn’t seen that hack. It is genius. Now for color . . .


        Originally posted by Katsage View Post
        I hadn’t seen that hack. It is genius. Now for color . . .
        I also use it in my Café bags, works just the same. I have one with Coyote cord and one with Wasabi that I use in my Original Halcyon/Wasabi SCB. You can switch them quickly from bag to bag though, you don’t really need two. Take care to leave the cord long enough to accommodate differently sized bottle necks.

        Click image for larger version

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        And have fun picking a color! My first DLBP was Original Halcyon, now I use one in Aubergine 525d.


          We've had a couple of shout outs recently for the new greens to be paired with UV, well, I'm on the other side of that fence, I would much rather see it paired with NWS. Evidently I can only handle one strong colour at a time?!
          I'd like to ask for us to be given a choice of interior colours for bags in the new greens. Then we'll all be happy

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            Originally posted by briefbriefs View Post
            Tom Bihn makes a small Synik (22) and a large Synik (30), but for us smaller framed humans that still like to lug a bunch of stuff around daily, the 22 is too small and the 30 is far too large... we desperately need a middle size. Perhaps a 25/26 L?
            My wish is this: Dearest Santa Tom Bihn -- please make our wish of a mid-sized Synik come true. I will give you all of my money. All of it. Please and amen.
            A medium sized Synik gets my vote. Test packing for a future trip that's several days long and my Synik 22 is a little too small for one bag travel. I'm hesitant to purchase a Synik 30 since I'm so short.


              2020 wishlist luminary and Freudian slip

              To the TB crew, I hope you are all listening...

              I think some, or most, agree with me when I say we need a Freudian slip that fits with the luminary!

              The luminary is great! I love the side pockets and the added small zipper pocket is a welcome addition. However, I would love some additional pockets for pens and such.

              I have a luminary 12 and currently use the small cafe bag Freudian slip, but I sacrifice the zip away mesh pocket for the water bottle. Unzipped, the water bottle pocket does ok with a water bottle, but it tends to flop around a bit.

              A Freudian slip with a slit down the middle to allow the mesh pocket to zip would be PERFECT.

              Who agrees?

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                A lunch sack or tote. Not necessarily insulated but that could be a bonus.


                  a Freudian slip type of organizer for the car..


                    Guides edition brain bag


                      A green drawstring backpack...maybe with a zippered outside pocket....with O rings inside...
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                        Beach backpack
                        - ultralight aether or halcyon
                        - drawstring closure (rope)
                        - eyelets (2) on bottom corners where toggles adjust the length of the ropes
                        - zippered front pocket on outside (approx 1/2 of bag size) with the bottom of the pocket up two inches from base of bag to protect sunnies etc when bag is placed on the ground
                        - o ring inside for money pouch attachment


                          Synik 25 to be used for EDC.

                          22 is too small. 30 is to big.

                          Bring it! [emoji41]


                            Another wish for an XL Yeoman Duffle. No extra pockets, no organizing bits that don't fit my needs, just an XL Yeoman duffle, sized to match maximum airline requirements.


                              My wish would be for a "short but deep" briefcase. For instance, something with dimensions of approximately 15-16 inches wide, a maximum of 11 inches tall, and 6-7 inches deep, with a front pocket like the Cadet and carry handles like the Tri-Star.

                              Most briefcase on the market that are 6+ inches deep are also 12-13 inches tall and 17+ inches wide. I don't need a briefcase that tall or that wide. The Cadet is not deep enough for my requirements. And the Empire Builder, while being nicely deep, is also much too tall and wide for my needs.


                                Would like a Gatekeeper Waist Strap with offset buckle, because…

                                Why an offset buckle? Because if you are using, say, a Side Kick as a waist bag, and you're in an area where there might be pickpockets, you're probably going to want to have the bag in front of you to keep it under your control. But with equal-length straps, that puts the buckle behind you, and vulnerable to the nimble fingers of the dishonest.

                                So what I am proposing is basically the configuration of the Smart Alec Gatekeeper Strap (https://www.tombihn.com/collections/...nt=16664356807) that is used to attach accessories to the outside of the bag, but long enough to use as a waist belt (or sling strap). This would put the buckle near the bag itself, so that when the bag is carried in front, both the bag and buckle would be difficult for pickpockets to get to.

                                Thanks for your consideration!