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Optimal ballistic weight for Pick-up Truck

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    Optimal ballistic weight for Pick-up Truck

    Hi Pick-up Truck users:
    Can anyone comment on the merits of 525 vs. 210 ballistic fabric for the Pick-up? I recall buying the regular (original) Truck in both weights, but then giving away the 210 because it felt too light and floppy for its carry capacity and size. Something about the weight and structural integrity of the 525 won me over. I imagine this may not be an issue for the small scale Pick-up Truck, but I would welcome opinion from anyone who has used both. My use for it would be mainly as an adjunct to my regular Trucks, for grocery shopping - but who knows what else? Thanks!
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    Oops, check the spelling! I meant 'ballistic'. Doh!


      I have the original Trucks in 210 because I mostly use them about my apartment as 'house bags' and I love the colours and suppleness. For the new PUT, I chose a 210 ballistic as well. The Monster I have is 525 and it isn't offered in the 210 (which I agree with) since that just doesn't feel right for how large the Monster is.

      So I think it's a personal preference...the PUT is much smaller than the original, so the 210 holds it's shape better due to the geometry. Both stand up/open by themselves, but if you want the more structure, go for the 525 - it stands up better with no flopping. The weight difference isn't enough that it should sway you... just colour and stiffness.

      If you're in the US and can swing both, get one of each to test pack and return one. Be warned, test packing options often leads to keeping/buying all the bags.

      Here's the 'tryout' guidelines if you haven't read them:
      I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


        I only bought the ballistic PUT as I have both fabric in trucks (actually way more than one of each fabric as I LOVE trucks) and wanted a stiff version. Seeing how small it is, I think the lighter weight would be fine as it will hold it's shape in that.

        I will of course have to buy one to check...


          Thanks G42 and Kirri for responding so quickly. This is an attentive community for sure.


            I choose 210 since it has color choices that the 525 doesn't. I'd consider it a bit more durable if the bottom was 525 but I'm sure it'll last years without much wear if using for casual grocery, road trip, shopping use.