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    HLT Seeking Ideas for Use

    Hey guys and gals...during the last product launch, I ordered my wife a stealth Icon for Christmas as well as a Synik 30 to replace my Aeronaut 30 for one-bag travel. In my excitement, I added (2) HLTs to the cart (one in Halcyon and one in the new Recycled Ballistic) before checking out. Now that everything has arrived, I am left pondering how best to use the HLT.

    As with all TB products, the HLT is exquisitely well-made and seems to be laden with great features, but I have absolutely no idea what to use it for. My best idea so far has been to simply clip it into the top of the Synik (or my Synapse 25) as a "quick access pocket" but I am left wanting more. I thought it would be fun to start a thread with some pictures and ideas for how you folks are incorporating the HLT into both your travel setup and your EDC setup.

    I really love the design and the layout of the product, but (as silly as it sounds) I am not quite sure what do do with it! Thanks and happy holidays to everyone

    For me, it's a travel item. I used it on my recent flight to hold at-seat things such as my phone battery, earphones, tissues, wipes and other things.

    There are a lot of photos and examples in the forums of other uses, including as a kit for cords and chargers.
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      I would use for... (can't wait to order the both sizes)

      - travel handy pouch : passeport, pen, notebook, money, earphone, phone, and stuff

      - everyday handy pouch : ID, pen, datebook, money, earphone, phone, and stuff (and libstick and band-aids...)

      - art&scrap pouch : pen/pencil/brush, notepad, tissue, watercolor stuff, and many other stuff (depend on my mood)

      - book&writing pouch : small book/comic, notepad, pencil, etc.

      - little sewing project(s) pouch : sewing stuff, fabrics, etc. (since I sew wallets and little pouches)

      - whatever stuff as I walk : random stuff I could find on my way

      actually like the use of my spiff kit (deluxe version which fit a A5 notebook)


      happy holidays
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        I bought it as an every-day-carry bag, but I might have to get another HLT.

        For right now the HLT2 is my electronics/traveling bag, for stuff I'll use around the house or when I travel. It currently has a light, Kindle Paperwhite, usb charging plug, battery brick, Cowon Plenue, (high end mp3 player), bluetooth speaker, headphones, audio cable, and charging cords for all the above. I drag it around the house, and drop it in my Ego or A45 when I travel.


          Here is how I loaded mine up. HLT1.

          Click image for larger version

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