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Icon Strap Mishap

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    Icon Strap Mishap

    First, I want to say the Icon is my everything bag. I’m completely sold on the design and own two. That being said the strap needs a redesign.

    My Icon strap unthreaded and dropped to the dirty mucky ground during use. It happened so fast I wasn’t even able to catch it. Once the strap clip gets nudged open you’re doomed, the bag plummets.

    I’m going to figure out a way to make the clip stay shut, but this situation is super aggravating. It’s no quick fix to rethread the strap and continue on your way, especially when the entire thing slips out.

    I know you guys will solve the issue, and in the meantime if I figure something out I’ll share.

    I wonder if there is a way to remove the offending clip from its loop and replace with an alternative design, even if that means having the strap shortening mechanism on the actual strap. That might mean not being able to use the rabbit hole but I suspect that some are not using it anyway.
    I will go and look through my box of TB clips, connectors etc to see, but I would be surprised if someone has not already thought this one through a bit more.


      Might be easier to sew a reverse fold into the end of the strap. Looking at my Icons (2), a double-thick strap should fit through the clip easily and still be able to get stuffed into that little internal trap pocket.

      However, umm, yeah, I was playing with the buckle and, wow, it does come unhinged a bit too easily. I don't see any way to secure it in the closed position.


        Yikes! For now, I’ve put a large paper clip across the webbing (just under the quick release buckle). On experimenting, when I release the buckle, that’s enough to hold the weight of my Icon’s contents in place even when I disengage the locking mechanism.



          I second that Yikes from @moriond ... in our use/testing, we weren't able to accidentally open the cam buckle. This is duly noted; know we're discussing it here.... I'll update further when I have additional information. While I am not suggesting this as the solution, there is no harm in hemming the strap end if anyone would like to do that.
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            i love the icon and the mars red (which is not offered in any other 'purse' type product) but i am not happy with the strap either. (I also have a black icon). I like the size and the design except the strap. its seems too thin but I also am worried about that clip.

            i also would like it to be easier to change from shoulder length to cross body - i really wish this strap were like the Maker Bag. i am reluctant to give it up (especially the mars red color) but i am not sure i am going to be able to use it without being annoyed at how hard it is to adjust (even just a few inches in length) (i do realize the design was not to make it easy to change from a long length to a short length very easily but... I had hoped adjusting the length would not be so difficult.