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    Originally posted by Skirata44 View Post

    I'm not MikeV (obviously) but I remember seeing a post on the Facebook group about a month or so ago where someone asked and the response was essentially that the Trinity wasn't coming out this year, at least. Someone from TB might have another answer, but the last I saw was basically that it wasn't going to be anytime soon, if ever.
    Yep, it was the discussion in our Facebook group that sent me here for clarification. It's unclear to me, at least, whether it has been delayed or just shelved entirely. Darcy, any updates you all can provide?


      Timing aside, it would be fascinating to have a window into Tom's brain throughout the design process. I saw and handled a prototype on a visit to Seattle in December 2019 -- 2-1/2 years ago! I'd love to know where Tom has gone from there, and why.


        Hi all- sorry I overlooked replying here a few weeks ago!

        As of now, we've put the Trinity design project aside as we pursue other new designs- there are unlikely to be any future updates. We recognize this may be disappointing news, and we never intend to disappoint, but the creativity on this bag has stalled and we've learned over time that the creativity and design inspiration can't be forced around here. We do have other new designs in the works, including a really fun bag debuting on pre-order next week!


          While I completely understand the creative process, this news is indeed a huge disappointment. I was hoping that the small and large Trinity bags would be the perfect bags I have long been seeking – the small Trinity as an EDC bag and the large Trinity as an MLC carry-on bag. The current Western Flyer and Tri-Star – both great bags for what they are – are either too large or too small for my purposes.

          My biggest complaint with briefcases is that generally a smaller briefcase has a small depth, but briefcases that have a larger depth are also very tall and wide. For my use, that is not ideal. I carry a laptop, brochures, papers, some personal items, etc. I don’t need a briefcase that is tall or long, but I do want increased depth. Something like 16” wide x 11” tall x 8” deep would be perfect for EDC. Essentially a smaller version of the Tri-Star. And then for MLC, a larger version of the Tri-Star, something like 22” wide x 14” tall x 9” deep.

          The search for perfect bags continues…..


            Originally posted by MikeV View Post
            As of now, we've put the Trinity design project aside as we pursue other new designs
            In the meantime how about a refreshed WF with a tech sleeve, the cambiata BP shoulder straps, the TS's side handles, and a single large configurable interior along with space for the outside pockets?

            Maybe we call it the Western Flyer Cambi?

            Grail bag!