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Singing the praises of Cody in Customer Service

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    Singing the praises of Cody in Customer Service

    All of the TB crew are absolutely awesome. I have never had an interaction with them that wasn't great. Having said that, I had myriad issues with my GE pre-order. Through it all, Cody calmly and patiently dealt with me, going above and beyond to ensure that everything went right. I am quite certain that he inwardly cursed every single time my name popped up in his inbox. However, there was never a hint of that in my dealings with him. He (and all of the other TB crew) are simply the best! I love this company.
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    They’re all fantastic people! [emoji1417]

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      ABSOLUTELY!!! Cody's been phenomenal


        Cody is wonderful! 2 years ago, that long, already! I visited the Mothership, this was my second visit and I was even giddier than during the first one because the family got to met the Crew as well.

        My first visit was just ultra lovely, I met Darcy, Tom and June wonderful caring people.

        During that second visit, I tried on many, many bags, checked colors of everything and during all that time, Cody, Mike and Tom were just so lovely and kind and caring and more.

        In my enthusiasm in trying on bags, by placing my EDC TB accessories in them, I left my only dark color pouch containing my phone charger in one of the bags I tried on.
        I only found out in the evening, and we had to fly the next day, I emailed the crew that night and the next day, phoned the minute the shop opened , then went back to the store, where I found my charger in its pouch, inside the smallest pocket of the only black TB bag, I ever tried on.

        In retrospect, I feel very guilty that I wasn't more careful and made a nuisance of myself, taking time from Cody, during a busy day, like they all are at the customer service desk.

        I always joke that if there were a Star Trek type of transporter available, I'll be at the Mothership, once a month.

        The Crew has always been more than first class, caring, understanding and ultra efficient as well as having the patience of angels.

        I probably made every order error possible, without realizing it, before finalizing the order and having to scramble, on the phone, via email or on IM to correct it, literally, seconds later.

        I am always very, very exited about my TB orders!

        Yeah, Cody rocks!
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          Cody uses to handle my questions about everything and anything, and so he helped me with my first TB order: GES25 Pre-order in November 2018
          just a Bihnion here


            I sent an email regarding a return I was doing and Cody replied promptly. I wasn’t sure about the exchange/shipping process (there isn’t any) so I called the store and Cody answered (what are the odds). He was extremely helpful and nice (he sound so excited and even let me know if my preferred bag was in stock). Cody rocks on all levels!

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              The whole crew is great, but Cody is definitely one of my favorites. I got to see him first thing in the morning when I stopped in last week to grab a DLBP that I had been coveting for a long time (because yes, it absolutely makes sense to spend $25 on Lyft instead of $10 in shipping!) and he was showing me all the new fun stuff. I love getting to go in and see the crew.
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                Jumping on the train to shout out TB customer service - any time I've needed to contact them they've been more than accommodating and super helpful. Just one more reason to keep coming back to this awesome company.


                  You know how sometimes it's somehow difficult to figure out how to respond to recognition of your work, but it means a lot to you and you're thankful every time people take the time to do it? That's us in customer service Thanks you guys. We are very lucky to have the crew that we do. And Cody is indeed awesome. He helped me get a small refund on a camera lens repair that didn't really happen (long story), so for today's company meeting, we're spending the refund on donuts for for the crew in addition to the tamales we planned to have.
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