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Synik 22 vs synapse 25 weight and feel

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    Synik 22 vs synapse 25 weight and feel


    I have a question about the weight and feel of the two bags. I know many have asked for comparisons and I’ve tried to look for answers but can’t really find it.

    I have a synapse 25. It’s great but I find it big. Sometimes it’s helpful though. I had a synapse 19 and was a bit too small. I don’t always carry a laptop home (a 12 inch one) but some times I do. Anyway, what confuses me is the weight of the bags on the specs page. It’s higher on the 22. Is this true? Is it because the specs include a frame sheet or is that without?

    For those who have had a 22 and a 25 (with and without framesheets) what’s your view in feel. Does one feel easier and lighter than the other?

    I understand the extra volume in the 22 is the depth. So does it stick out more in public transport?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi TorontoSS,
    Yes the weight of the Syniks is higher because of the frame sheet and laptop sleeve.
    In the Synik faq page there is an answer specifically regarding weight of Synik vs Synapse : https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/synik-faq#weigh
    according to those numbers, even equipped with a frame and a laptop sleeve, a Synapse is still lighter than a Synik.
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      Thanks so much for providing that!