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Small Freudian Slip

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    Small Freudian Slip

    Will a small Freudian Slip fit into the slanted front pocket on a Daylight Briefcase?

    I reckon you mean the Freudian Slip for the Small Cafe Bag? Unfortunately it doesn't fit, I just tried it. You could use it in the back pocket but only if you'd turn it by 90 degrees.
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      TY! I expected it would be a long shot.


        Originally posted by louisvilledanahys View Post
        Will a small Freudian Slip fit into the slanted front pocket on a Daylight Briefcase?
        Hi louisvilledanahys,

        If you’re thinking of adding an organizer to the Daylight Briefcase, as opposed to already having a Small Cafe Bag Freudian Slip, you might take a look at the Daylight Briefcase Organizational Strategies thread. My post (#10 ) has pictures of the Small Cafe Bag Freudian Slip in the back compartment of the DLBC (these were excerpted from a post by tpnl, who also showed the Medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slip in the main compartment; in my opinion, you’d really have to turn both of these sizes sideways to fit in the locations he shows — in agreement with bartleby’s comment about using the Small Cafe Bag FS in the back pocket.)

        I use the (now retired) Field Journal Pocket Inserts as Mini Freudian Sliplets for the DLBC. Those are also shown in the pictures (can fit one of these vertically into each split pocket of the DLBC, or put one into the main compartment. One of these would also fit, if rotated, into the front diagonally zippered pocket—but, in light of the many other ways to load this into the DLBC, I wouldn’t do this.

        If you are looking for additional organizational options that would fit into the front, diagonal zippered pocket, you could try something like the Maxpedition Entity Hook & Loop Low-Profile Panel that ceepee showed in her Travel Cubelet post (excerpted photos and link to original What’s in Your Travel Cubelet thread also given in my linked post.

        That Organizer is currently out of stock at the Maxpedition site that I linked, but you can find it on eBay or lots of other places such as at B&H Photo. If you need something else pouchlike, that can hold pens and cards, there are various options similar in size to that one — such as the Sinclair Zip 3 pen and notebook case from Nock.co

        Both of these options (Maxpedition Organizer and Sinclair pen case) are about the size of the part of the FJN pocket insert that covers just t the pen section, and would fit into a Travel Cubelet — so would also fit into the front diagonal pocket of the DLBC. But it’s difficult to give advice on alternatives without knowing what you want to do.


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